With the brand-new BDAL technique, your lips will grow to be natural and elegant

Are you one of the individuals who are currently losing sleep over their lips looking unnatural due to gel and filler injection? Is that the reason why you are reluctant to consult a physician? Follow this article to get acquainted with a new technique concerning lip revitalization and lip augmentation. In this article, Dr. Leila Fard introduces us to the innovative BDAL technique; employed to rejuvenate and shape the lips.

What is the BDAL technique?

Border Defining Augmentation of the Lips is a very high-level injection technique aiming for lip rejuvenation. It causes the lips to be fresher and more elegant while sustaining their naturalness. By utilizing this technique, your lips will not turn out to be ducky, unnatural, synthetic, and fake. The lips will reflect the primary shape they used to hold 15-20 years ago.


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By practicing this profoundly innovative and high-level technique:

  • You will not feel any pain.
  • Duck lips are to avoid.
  • Not the least bit will your lips have an unnatural, synthetic, and fake shape.

Significant points concerning lip filler

  • Many filler injections are performed in and around the lips. Not only do they aim to augment the lips, but also to rejuvenate and reshape them. This matter notably applies to the ones who are losing weight or suffer from dental and jaw issues such as implants and jaw surgery.
  • Your lips can appear more rounded and elegant while perfectly natural, provided that the filler is of high-quality and the physician is qualified and skilled.
  • A maximum of one ml filler adequately rejuvenates the thin lips in the first session. For better and more impeccable shaping of the thin lips, injecting another ml is required 2 to 3 weeks later. Succeeding, when the injection is established, and the proper environment is designed, we can i Sometimes the asymmetry of the lips is due to how our facial muscles move, and we should not presume that this muscle asymmetry is taken care of by injecting filler.
  • Never inject more than one ml of filler in one session. This procedure boosts the risk of swelling the next day, bruising, asymmetry, and serious side-effects such as artery blockage.

    فیلر لب
    lip filler, before-after
  • Do not apply cheap fillers. Do not inject fillers that are not authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and make sure to regard the label of the Ministry of Health.
  • The day after the injection, swelling is perfectly normal. Consequently, arrange your schedule in such a way that allows you not to attend important meetings or gatherings in the following day or two days. On the first day following the procedure, heavy exercise is not recommended at all since it may aggravate the swelling, but light exercise is permitted.
  • Match up your expectations with the actual shape of your lips. Small, narrow, and thin lips should continuously reach your desired size and shape in progressive sessions. Sometimes we have to inject half a milliliter each session and repeat the procedure every two or three weeks.
  • If your laugh lines or marionette lines (grief lines) are sagged, injecting lip filler neither adds to your beauty nor does you any good in covering the hollowness of those areas. Therefore, bear in mind to regard injecting fillers around the mouth and consult your physician on the matter.
  • Do not disregard the vertical lines above the lips that are caused as a result of aging or smoking. In the first step, we fill these lines with Botox injection behind the upper lip and in the next step, with very mellow filler and at a low concentration.
  • If the filler used for lip injections is of a high-quality type and top brand and your physician is competent and skilled, you will no longer fall victim to failed injections and unfavorable results. This fact applies to all injections.

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