Why should we inject chin filler?

All the principles of beauty are a presence on your face, but you still feel like something is missing? The asymmetrical shape of the chin often causes this hidden problem, which, of course, is not recognizable to many people. If you feel that the shape of your chin needs to be corrected, then stay with Dr. Leila Fard to get acquainted with the 4 basic purposes of chin filler injection.

What is a chin filler injection?

Stand in front of the mirror right now and pay attention to the profile of your face and the position of your chin. Is everything normal? Is your chin too far back or forward? Sometimes, even though the shape of the face is proportionate, the shape of the chin becomes asymmetrical for various reasons. Reasons such as sudden weight loss, aging, and decreased facial tissue firmness can exacerbate this problem. The shape of the chin has a great effect on the beauty of the face and especially the beauty of the profile, so small changes and modifications of its shape can have a great effect on the beauty of your face.

Dr. Leila Fard:
Many of you who are dissatisfied with the shape of your lips or nose and profile need to improve the shape of your chin, not lip filler injections or nose surgery

In the article on shaping the chin by injecting a filler, we explained what is meant by chin shaping by filler injection. In this article, we want to tell you what are the effects of chin filler injection? What goals are we achieving by injecting chin filler?
What are the goals of chin filler injection?
Injection of chin filler has various effects on the face. But in general, by injecting chin filler, we pursue 4 important goals:

  1. Contouring and shaping the face from profile and three faces
  2. Improving the angle that the lips, nose, and chin from in the profile, This angle in women should be around 125-130 degrees.
  3. Strengthening the chin support power for the lower lip marionette and corners of the lip
  4. Strengthening the chin support power for chin (prevent sagging chin)

All four of these goals will have a general effect on non-surgical facial rejuvenation and lift. Most clients do not believe in the effect of chin filler injections, but they are surprised when they see the results. For example, look at the pictures below:


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How do we know if we need a chin filler injection?

Chin filler injection requires high precision and sensitivity due to the key role of it in the face. Therefore, recognizing the need to inject chin filler at the beginning of correcting the shape of the chin is important. The need for chin filler injection is assessed in 3 different criteria. In the visit and examination session, based on the needs of each person’s face, we determine which of these criteria you need to improve:

  1. Chin width (in women, the narrow chin looks more beautiful).
  2. Height
  3. Protrusion rate

What is the complementary treatment for chin shape correction?

Botox injections are another complementary treatment to improve the shape of the chin and the orange peel in this area.

Dr. Leila Fard:
This injection is very effective and safe, and I usually use both methods together (hyaluronic filler injection and Botox Dysport) to shape the chin.

The shape of our face determines what cosmetic or surgical procedures are needed to improve the angles and shape of our face. Therefore, in the first step after the examination, we examine the areas that are weak (for example, the chin and cheeks) and should be strengthened, and the areas that, on the contrary, should be made smaller (such as a big nose or a double chin). The aesthetic vision of your doctor plays a key role in recognizing the shape of your face.

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