Face harmonizing and non-surgical lift with filler

The imbalance of facial features can be a concern for many of us. A non-surgical lift with a hyaluronic filler is a good procedure for those who are looking to balance their face and do not want to experience the surgery and its possible complications. In this article, we will discuss the details of the face harmonizing method from Dr. Leila Fard’s point of view.

What is face harmonizing?

Various problems on the face can make the face look tired or inconsistent. The laugh line, the tear trough, the middle of the cheek, the top of the cheeks, under-eye hollows, and the wrinkles on the forehead are some of the reasons that contribute to the freshness and youthful appearance of the face.

How is the harmonizing done?

Facial harmonizing is done to solve the aforementioned problems, according to the needs of the face and the specific beauty program of each client at the discretion of the treating physician. In this method, hyaluronic filler and Botox Dysport are used.

Here are some examples of facial harmonizing done by Dr. Leila Fard:

1. The first example


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The laugh line, sagging face, dark circles around the eyes, and eye under hallows made the face of this client look tired In the case of this dear client. For this reason, we injected the hyaluronic filler into different areas, causing rejuvenation and facelift as well as harmonizing the face.
The filler is injected into the tear trough, middle of the cheek, laugh line, marionette, and top of the cheek. Botox Dysport is also used to improve the frown line, forehead line, and Crow’s feet.

2. The second example

لیفت غیرجراحیIn the case of this dear client, by injecting hyaluronic filler in the areas of the tear trough, top of the cheek, middle of the cheek, laugh line, and marionette, the face became softer and more feminine, and at the same time, it’s completely natural form was preserved.

3. The third example

Please turn the page and see the great changes in the face of my dear clients. In addition to removing sagging and rejuvenation for at least 10 years, pay attention to improving the hallows and dark circles around the eyes, lifting the cheek (improving its curvature), improving laugh line, lifting the corners of the lips upwards by injecting filler in the marionette line and contouring the jawline.


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Dr. Leila Fard:
It is very important and remarkable that despite the injection of hyaluronic filler, the natural state of the face has not changed. The main features of his face have been preserved, but the sagging and the effects of aging have disappeared. After a non-surgical filler lift, she felt 10 years younger.

4. The fourth exampleلیفت غیرجراحی

Dr. Leila Fard:
For my dear clients, I have injected filler on both sides of the chin (jawline), marionette line, laugh line, and top of the cheek. Pay attention to improving the sagging on both sides of the chin, reducing the laughter and marionette lines, as well as softening the shape of the face.

With the injection of Botox on the forehead, in addition to removing the frown line and straightening the forehead, the eyebrows were slightly lifted.

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