Know these tips for a safe filler injection

It is not uncommon to hear what problems gel and filler injections have created for our friends and relatives, or others. But is filler injection dangerous, or does just a lack of knowledge alone cause these problems? Read this article to know more about filler injections.

Dr. Leila Fard:
To inject a filler with safe, high-quality, and uncomplicated results, always pay attention to a few important points.

  1. Quality of materials injected as filler.
  2. Skills and experience of your doctor
  3. Full physician readiness for early observation of symptoms of vascular occlusion and the scientific ability for early treatment
فیلر لب
See before and after lip filler injection in this dear client

The risk of vascular occlusion by filler injection by a qualified doctor is very very rare and zero percent for several important reasons:

  1. Knowledge of anatomy
  2. Mastering the knowledge of injection technique based on the injection site
  3. Mastering the knowledge of injection technique based on layers and injection depth
  4. Having medications needed to relieve occlusion and manage emergencies
  5. Inform the patient about abnormal symptoms and provide a description sheet
  6. Make an emergency phone number available 7/24 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays).

When choosing your doctor, consider the following:

  • Does your doctor provide a written explanation as well as verbally explaining the symptoms of the occlusion (In very rare cases, close to 0%)?
  • Does this written description page provide an emergency phone number for you to call in case of emergency, even at midnight and on holidays?
  • Does your doctor refrigerate at least 100 ampoules of Hyalase at an exorbitant price?

The risk of vascular occlusion through a hyaluronic filler injection by a skilled physician who is proficient in a variety of up-to-date injection techniques is close to zero. Is your doctor scientifically and responsibly prepared for these rare cases? Original and high-quality hyaluronidase is a rare and expensive drug that is used for limited cases.

اصلاح گودی و تیرگی دور چشم
Correction of dark circles around the eyes and under-eye hollows without any problems or complications

Dr. Leila Fard:
Although the possibility of occlusion is zero, I keep 100 ampoules of hyaline in the refrigerator for my comfort and that of my clients. This is not the only emergency medicine and other expensive medicines are also kept in my emergency kit. Fortunately, these drugs always expire due to the lack of side effects and I throw them away.

  • Does your doctor advise you to stay close to the same city for at least 3 days after the injection and not to travel?
  • Does your doctor cancel your appointment and postpone it to another time as soon as he/she is informed of your decision to travel (even a short distance, for example, distance from Tehran to Karaj) 3 days after the injection?

Dr. Leila Fard
The time of onset of occlusion is within the first 2 or 3 days after the injection, and there is no danger to you if you reach your doctor and act quickly and on time. Remember that injecting filler is not just pouring the syringe into your face. Filler injection is a very sensitive, precise, and important medical procedure that requires its special abilities and skills.

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