Things to know about different techniques in cosmetic medicine

Have you decided to do cosmetic procedures for rejuvenation, but you are confused by the different names you hear in this field? You are right. Lack of sufficient and classified information about beauty procedures leads to this confusion. Join us in this article to get acquainted with important points about beauty and rejuvenation measures from Dr. Leila Fard’s point of view.

Educational tips on different techniques in cosmetic medicine

Various techniques in cosmetic medicine can be used to maintain the health of your skin. The types of Laser, Fractional RF, mesotherapy, micro-needling, and Botox Dysport injections are only part of the measures that can help to maintain your beauty. Of course, you should note that each of these measures has a specific application and should not be used interchangeably. If you are thinking of doing beauty and rejuvenation procedures or you hear different names of these types of procedures and feel confused, stay with us to get acquainted with the most important points of popular beauty measures for facial rejuvenation.

Fractional CO2 laser

These types of lasers are classified as ablative lasers. The fractional CO2 laser is used to treat fine wrinkles, improve collagen production, treat scars, and improve very open and resistant spores. This type of laser is not suitable for dark skin at all and should be used very carefully in olive skin. So before doing such a beauty procedure, consider the color of your skin. One of the disadvantages of this method is its long recovery period. Another disadvantage is the painfulness that puts this type of laser in the unpopular category. To tolerate the pain of this type of laser, local anesthesia is recommended before the operation. A common complication of these lasers is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), which is usually resistant to treatment.

ERBIUM laser

The lifting, rejuvenating, and erbium collagen production effect is weaker than that of CO2 and has fewer side effects. Both types of lasers should be performed with an accurate and correct diagnosis by a doctor.

RF or radiofrequency waves

RF is used to generate collagen tissue, improve acne scars, and other scars, and eliminate cellulite and accumulated fat. Due to the possibility of reducing fat and slimming the face, it is recommended to use the RF device only in the jaw, jawline, and chin area. These waves, in addition to stimulating collagen production, melt subcutaneous fat by creating high heat. For this reason, it is better not to use RF on the cheeks, middle cheeks, and sides of the face.

Non- ablative rejuvenation laser

As the name implies, a non-ablative rejuvenation laser is a popular non-ablative method to stimulate and enhance skin collagen production. This rejuvenation method does not cause redness, flaking, pain, swelling, and recovery period and you can return to daily activities immediately after doing it. Non- ablative rejuvenation laser improves skin firmness, improves acne and blemishes, removes dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes, closes pores, improves fine and superficial wrinkles, enhances collagen production and facial rejuvenation. The non-ablative rejuvenation laser is performed with a special device. To do this, pay attention to the beauty center and the specialty of your doctor.

جوانسازی اصولی صورت
The result of correct and accurate rejuvenation measures is such a miracle.


Micro-needling is a therapeutic technique aimed at rejuvenating and improving facial skin problems, which is done with very fine needles. In this method, the compounds of retinoid, AHA, vitamin C, and compounds of peeling are used to improve scar, control acne, reduce fat secretion in oily and combination skin and improve fine wrinkles to stimulate collagen production. This method can be harmful if done with too much depth or with the wrong components. It also causes side effects such as blemishes and uneven skin in people whose skin is not suitable for micro-needling. So do not rush to do micro-needling and see a specialist doctor to do this cosmetic procedure.


Mesotherapy is an excellent complimentary treatment method for the relative improvement of dark circles around the eyes, increasing collagen production in the epidermal layer (improving fine wrinkles), increasing the freshness of the skin.

Dr. Leila Fard:
Pure hyaluronic acid, a variety of vitamins, skin lightening pills, and nourishing and hydrating agents are commonly used in mesotherapy.

In this method, which is done without injection, with micron needles and the device, there is no pain, swelling, redness, and recovery period. The important thing about mesotherapy is that it is not a substitute for filler and Botox injections and always has a complementary role in treatment.

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