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Dr. Fard’s exclusively tailored beauty plan serves as a roadmap of the targeted and treatments that are essential for restoring or preserving the freshness of her patients’ faces and skin.
In serving such a mission, Dr. Fard continually provides her patients with the highest quality of services by assisting them in achieving and maintaining lifelong wellness and beauty and aging gracefully. Embracing the concept of natural aesthetics approach, Dr. Fard has continually integrated a wide range of cutting-edge techniques to improve and enhance her patient's beauty in creating and designing tailored beauty plans which serve as a roadmap of the treatments and procedures that are essential for preserving the health and freshness of her patient's face and skin.

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Botax Injection

Botax Injection

Dr. Leila Fard's advice: Why some people have a fear of aesthetic procedures?

You are probably one of those people who wants to have beautiful skin and face but have a fear of aesthetic procedures. You probably think your face will be unnatural. Watch this video of Dr. Leila Fard to dispel your fears. stress the importance of seeking supervision of a medical and dental professional and getting properly diagnosed before opting for injections.

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Botox injections and filler injections

Dr. Leila Fard offers a special beauty plan for preserving the freshness, youth, and beauty of your face. In the beauty plan, Dr. Fard uses varieties of methods such as Botox injections with high-quality brands like Botox Dysport England, hyaluronic acid filler injections with new painless technologies and devices, without recovery period and complications.