Stay young with Profilo; no volumizing and entirely natural

Have you sensed that your skin does not have the freshness it used to have? Are you looking for a non-surgical way to revive its youth? If your answer to these questions is affirmative, but you do not want to use volumizing methods either, you should weigh Profilo. In this article, Dr. Leila Fard informs about the Profilo treatment method for rejuvenation without adding any extra volume.

What is Profilo?

Profilo is a hyaluronic acid that does not volumize but stimulates collagen production greatly, causes extensive hydration, and does the lifting. Profilo is a non-volumizing hyaluronic acid, indicating that although it leaves its impact, it does not volumize.

What is the process of Profilo injection?

The Profilo is injected on particular spots that have a significant impact on the facelift (bio aesthetic points). After injection, it spreads in different parts of the face, but it does not add to the volume and does not cause puffiness. This hydrating hyaluronic acid, which stimulates collagen production greatly, is injected at a rate of 2 ml per session and will be repeated the month after.

Dr. Leila Fard:
The injected spots are anesthetized with Emla cream, and you will feel no pain at all.

What are the outcomes of Profilo injection?

Stress, insomnia, sudden weight loss, and aging alter the skin’s collagen and elastin metabolism. This shift in metabolism can cause our skin to sag and limp. In such cases, applying Profilo is very beneficial for rejuvenation and increasing skin firmness. Although Profilo does add extra volume, it stiffens and lifts the skin, profoundly hydrates, preserves subcutaneous fat, and improves skin condition. Therefore, the outcomes of Profilo injection are:

  • Boosting skin firmness and formidability
  • Skin lift
  • Profound hydrating
  • Preserving subcutaneous fat
  • Improving skin condition
  • Extending the durability of injected fillers
  • Enhancing skin rejuvenation and freshness

The significant point about the Profilo is that it is not supposed to fill the hollows or replace the filler by filling a laugh line, a tear line, or a cheek line. Profilo injection is operated to intensely stimulate collagen production by fibroblasts. A prominent advantage of Profilo treatment is that it drastically reduces the amount of filler required. Therefore, along with other treatments such as gel and filler injections, Botox Dysport, and mesotherapy, Profilo is an extraordinary supplement.

Profilo; Top Treatment of 2019 in Times Magazine

This article emphasizes that Profilo is non-volumizing hyaluronic acid at a high concentration that is injected in two sessions at one-month intervals for rejuvenation and without adding extra volume, and is repeated after one year. The traces of increasing freshness and rejuvenation will display within two weeks. Profilo is not a substitute for filler and Botox, but it is known as an excellent complimentary treatment method. Besides, it is considered to be the best non-surgical rejuvenation method in 2019.

Who should utilize Profilo?

Those who are losing weight and want to prevent their skin from weakening and sagging:

  • As a contributing factor to filler and Botox injections aimed to increase the firmness and formidability of the skin, especially on the sides of the face from 18 to 98 years old (Profilo injection has no age limit. Basically, it can be injected whenever you presume your skin to be sagging)
  • Those who do heavy sports and exercise and their face grows thinner or those who intend to have a fresh and rounded face while having a fit and healthy body
  • Those who for personal and taste reasons do not want to fill and change the volume and shape of their face and only want rejuvenation, freshness, freshness, and firmness of their skin

How long is the Profilo processing period?

This type of hyaluronic acid under the trademark of Profilo is injected twice at intervals of one month. Its shelf life is one year. After one year, the injection shall be repeated.

In what areas other than the face is the Profilo used?

In addition to the facial areas, we can also apply the Profilo on the neck, arms, and underarms. Injecting the Profilo in these areas will eliminate the wrinkles and increase the firmness and stiffness of the skin.

How is Profilo different from filler?

Dr. Leila Fard:
The filler is a volumizing substance; indicating that it is a natural hyaluronic acid, which is supposed to fill the hollows and also stimulate collagen production (although not all fillers are hyaluronic). Profilo is a particular hyaluronic with a very high-level molecular structure that does not volumize but stimulates collagen production 10 to 20 times as filler hyaluronic. Therefore, it rejuvenates and increases the firmness of the skin and also has profoundly hydrating properties and improves skin condition.

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