Myths and Facts in Aesthetic Medicine as stated by Dr. Fard

In the context of beauty operations, many people are watching their steps. Individuals are cautious about these actions for several reasons, and sometimes these reasons are utterly unrealistic and unscientific. If you are also afraid of beauty treatments or have believed the unfounded rumors about them, we recommend that you read this article. In this article, Dr. Leila Fard debates myths and facts in aesthetic medicine.

The toxicity of fillers

  • The first misconception is that filler substances are toxic and unhealthy; or that our bodies get used to them, and we will have no choice but to repeat the procedure periodically.
  • That is not true. High-quality and top-brand hyaluronans have the same molecular structure as our body’s hyaluronic acid; since they stimulate collagen production, not only do our bodies not get used to them, but our need for fillers diminishes gradually,” Dr. Fard’s reveals.

The fillers being short-lasting

  • Some believe that the durability of fillers is low.
  • “That is not true either. High-quality and top-brand fillers last at least nine months to a year. In areas such as around the eyes, the cheekbones, and the tear troughs, which are less motile, the filler may last up to 18 months,” Dr. Fard explains.

Fake-looking lips due to filler injection

  • Some clients assume that if they have one ml of filler injected, they are going to resemble a duck!
  • “Not accurate. If the injected gel and lip filler are of high-quality and the proper technique which is compatible with the form and shape of your lips is used, they can make your lips reach their most desirable and beautiful form,” Dr. Fard clarifies.
تزریق فیلر لب
Injecting filler at a specified volume does not make your lips look unnatural.

Microdermabrasion aggravates acne

  • Some clients believe that microdermabrasion worsens the condition of their skin when they are undergoing active acne.
  • “If injected with the correct method and tool, microdermabrasion is one of the fundamental treatments for acne and pimples,” Dr. Fard explains.

Laser and acne are not compatible

  • Others assume that they are not allowed to get laser hair removal when they are undergoing acne.
  • “Interestingly enough, laser hair removal is one of the primary acne treatments,” Dr. Fard explains.

The condition of the face goes downhill once the Botox or filler program ends

  • The chief concern of the majority of clients is that when the impact of Botox Dysport or their filler disappears, their wrinkles and facial lines will increase in number.
  • “First of all, we grow used to looking in the mirror and witnessing no wrinkles. Secondly, high-quality Botox and fillers rejuvenate the skin and trigger the skin itself to produce collagen. Therefore, when their impact vanishes, our skin will be better than before,” Dr. Fard unfolds.

The face will seem unnatural due to Botox injections

  • Another typical assumption is going through facial malformations due to Botox injections in aesthetic procedures.
  • “Your face will undergo facial abnormalities if you apply poor-quality Botox,” Dr. Fard states.

Botox cream helps to keep our faces young.

  • Lift creams and Botox creams are reckoned to keep our skins younger.
  • “Lift cream and Botox cream are not beneficial in diminishing deep lines,” Dr. Fard remarks.

The fat grafting procedure is the superior option

  • Some clients gather that since high-quality gels and Botox last for a shorter period of approximately six-to-nine-month time, they should receive fat injections or long-lasting gels in aesthetic procedures.
  • “Fat is prescribed only in specific cases. Long-lasting gels are dangerous as well,” Dr. Fard replies.

The intense and unusual impacts of beauty operations at an old age

  • Some clients claim that injecting one or two milliliters of filler would not have any clout when they have sat around and done nothing until they have reached their 50s.
  • “You need one to two milliliters of high-quality fillers for every decade of your life to fix all the hollows and lines. For instance, at age 50, you need between 5 and 10 milliliters,” Dr. Fard responds.
اصلاح خط اشکی با فیلر
The tear troughs and cheek’s midline of these dear clients’ faces are fixed with hyaluronic filler and quite naturally.

Presuming that Botox is not important

Another common mistake among clients is that they underestimate the importance of Botox due to it being a simple procedure, and consequently do not regard what medication they receive.

“Botox injection is one of the most sensitive and delicate aesthetic procedures. Therefore, both the medication and the level of skillfulness and experience of the doctor are of great significance,” Dr. Fard remarks.

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