What points should we take into consideration while choosing filler and Botox?

As far as beauty treatments are concerned, Botox and filler are some of the most well-known names that come to mind. You may also be baffled choosing amongst different brands and be unaware of the details while selecting an adequate filler and Botox. If you are concerned with using high-quality beauty products with the least side effects as well, continue reading this article to get familiar with the mysteries and secrets of picking the right products, according to Dr. Leila Fard.

Which one is the superior choice; filler or gel?

If you are wondering what the difference between filler and gel is, you should know that filler, gel, and hyaluronic acid are all different names of the same substance. Fillers or gels are made of hyaluronic acid.

Filler and Botox Applications

We apply filler as a volumizer for sunken areas of the face, such as the area around the eyes and laugh lines.
We utilize Botox to remove forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, wrinkles behind the lips, and decrease underarm sweating.

Types of Fillers

There are many types of fillers, ranging from cheap and low-quality fillers to high-quality and top-brand fillers.

Dr. Leila Fard:
Many of you are rightfully afraid of injecting gel and filler (hyaluronan or gel). The reason behind this fear is the presence of dangerously low-quality hyaluronans, fillers, and gels on the market.

Gel and Filler Injection

Proper, top-brand, and high-quality hyaluronans such as Belotero, Restylane, Stylage, and the OCI are the natural hyaluronans of our body. That implies that they are made from a harmless bacterium in a clinical laboratory. Accordingly, these fillers are not made in industrial manufactories and are a hundred percent natural; consequently, they are absorbed within 6 to 9 months, and no trace of them remains in the body.

Types of Botox

There are different varieties of Botox. Dysport Ipsen Botox in the UK, Xeomin in Germany, and Allergan Botox in the US are three brands that are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Dr. Leila Fard:
Several types of Botox are currently available in our market. Lately, I found out about Iranian Botox through my clients, but I have no information regarding it.

Chinese Botox marked with the Canadian flag, Korean Neuronox Botox, which is labeled by the Ministry of Health and is considered as one of the high-quality Botox, and the UK’s Dysport Ipsen Botox labeled by the Ministry of Health are among the types of Botox available in Iran’s market.

Dr. Leila Fard:
I only apply to the UK’s Dysport Ipsen. This Botox has been the solution for many years in the world of medicine. Not only has it been the best in the field of skin and beauty, but also the field of neurosurgery and pediatrics, and we can inject it with a sense of relief. It is also approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Keep in mind to take the leaflet and box from your doctor before applying the Botox.


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How do we recognize adequate fillers?

To distinguish proper fillers, you should be attentive to some points, including:

  • Noticing the label of the Ministry of Health:
    The most significant point you should pay close attention to while injecting is the label of the Ministry of Health that should be present on the box.
  • Opening the filler package in your presence:
    Make sure that the administrator opens the filler package right in your presence.
  • Receiving the box and the filler badge:
    They should deliver the box and the badge to you because it is essential that you keep it as a medical record. If you ever wanted to go under the same operation anywhere else in the world, you would know whether you used high-quality hyaluronic acid.
  • Considering the name of the filler:
    There is a wide range of fillers at different prices available in the market. One of the methods to identify fillers is the label of the Ministry of Health and noting its name. Restylane, Belotero, Stylage, and OCI are among the best fillers in the world and are on top of their game. The reason behind the high quality of these fillers is that their molecular structure is similar to the natural hyaluronic molecular structure of our body. Therefore, when they are injected into the body, they grow to be part of our skin tissue. The injected filler does not discrete, does not become bulleted, does not move, and does not cause allergies, irritations, or infections.

Dr. Leila Fard:
Do not mind fillers, mind improper fillers. Be warned about injecting fillers in the wrong place and by non-specialists. The adequate fillers I mentioned hold the label of the Ministry of Health, their molecular structure is very similar to our natural hyaluronic molecular structure, and when they enter the body, they become a part of the body collagen tissue and will be gradually absorbed. Just like when you water the soil in a pot, and it becomes part of the soil.

Types of Fillers Available in the Market

  • Top-brand fillers: around 800-900 thousand tomans per cc
  • Fillers with affordable price and average quality: around 300-400 thousand tomans per cc
  • Very low-quality fillers: around 100-150 thousand tomans per cc

What are you supposed to do if you are not satisfied with the injected filler?

Fortunately, in recent years it has become possible to remove the filler if you are not satisfied with the injection of good hyaluronic acid for any reason. To reach this goal, Hyalase which is a hyaluronic-acid dissolving enzyme is used, which eliminates the injected hyaluronic acid within 8 to 48 hours.

Dr. Leila Fard:
Many of you had an injection in another center, and you are not pleased with its shape and form. Remember that you can safely get rid of the hyaluronic acid you do not like by injecting Hyalase.

Dr. Leila Fard’s Final Points

Do not undergo cheap injections, even if it results in injecting no fillers or Botox at all. Be incredibly mindful, because low-quality materials can cause irreversible damage to your youth and skin. Also, do not settle for merely the name of a brand; receive the package of the UK’s Dysport Ipsen or any other Botox. Furthermore, keep filler packaging as a medical record.

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