Introducing Lip Rejuvenation Procedure from Dr. Fard’s View

We all agree that the beauty and vigor of one’s lips play a positive role in each individual’s face charm. Gorgeous, lush, and youthful lips require constant care, and sometimes it is necessary to adopt rejuvenation procedures to this end. Lip rejuvenation is a set of procedures that help maintain the youthful vigor of one’s lips. In this article, Dr. Leila Fard will describe the lip rejuvenation technique in a thoroughly scientific manner.

Introducing lip rejuvenation

Lip rejuvenation is a major and specialized category in cosmetic medicine, and it is remarked that lip rejuvenation is not just a mere injection of gel and filler within the lips. Lip rejuvenation procedures require various measures, and each procedure is conducted exclusively on each client.

جوانسازی لب
Natural rejuvenation of the lips employing fundamental and scientific techniques

The collective impact of these measures and the sequence, precedence, and antecedence of each, is determined after the initial examination and visit session, once an exclusive beauty program is devised for the client. I need to explain the anatomy of the lips to you in a simple way before proceeding to discuss lip rejuvenation techniques.

Lip Anatomy

The anatomy of the lips is quite complex and delicate. The soft tissue of the lips includes various muscles, nerves, and capillaries. The lips and the surrounding area are deemed to have one of the most vascular tissues of the face. With all these reasons in mind, lip filler, or Botox injection is one of the most sensitive medical procedures, and accordingly, should be conducted by an adequate and experienced doctor.
Allow me to elaborate on the aims of this procedure before continuing to describe the various anatomical features of the lip.

Consider the function of each part of the lip in interaction and harmony with other parts of the face and do not regard the lip as an individual and independent component in your mind. All in all, it means that we cannot decide to go for a filler injection overnight. Scientific and medical preparations, as well as meticulous prior planning, are definitely necessary to undertake this procedure.

There are various muscles and tendons in the lip tissue, as well as a labyrinthine network of capillaries. With these in mind, any procedure targeting this area should be performed by a competent and experienced doctor to avoid any unwanted complications in the aftermath of the procedure.

آناتومی لب
Different parts of the lip anatomy

Now we proceed to unfold the anatomy of the lips:

  • The corners of the lips, which gravitate downwards with weight loss and aging.
  • The heart of the lip or Cupid’s bow, the shape of which has a significant effect on the beauty of the lips.
  • Philtrum, which are vertical grooves that run from the nose to the Cupid’s bow.
  • Vermillion line, also known as the line between pink lip and skin, the area where the ladies apply lip-liners, and some of us insist on drawing beyond that lip line to make our lips seem more prominent and lush. This area often undergoes severe damage in the aftermath of smoking.
  • The vermillion texture, pink lip, or flesh of the lip that shrinks as a result of severe weight loss and aging.

Beauty means balance, that is, the golden number

It is necessary to heed the golden number in lip rejuvenation and faithfully observe the aesthetics criteria. A gorgeous, elegantly-shaped, and a natural lip, in addition to its high corners, has a prominent Cupid’s bow, a proportionate philtrum, a lush lip line (vermillion line), and a voluminous but natural vermillion texture (lip flesh), all consistent and symmetrical.

The impact of teeth and lip muscles on lip beauty

The impact of fine teeth and jawbones on the elegance and appearance of the lips is indeed undeniable. In fact, if one’s teeth (particularly the canines and front teeth) have any kind of stain or malocclusion (which is frequently seen in old age), we inevitably encounter the first impacts on the contraction and shrinkage of the lips.

لب و عضلات اطراف
This photo displays the involvement of the lip muscles with other parts of the face that even extends to the muscles around the eyes.

The orbicular muscles located around the lips similarly play an inherent role in the lip area beauty. When one smokes, or the orbicular muscles of our lips are genetically strong, or the muscle movement forms often occur by applying pressure on the lips, the individual will inevitably get vertical lines around the lips. The vertical lines about the lips that are caused by smoking or aging are called Metic Rows or Smoker Lines.

جوانسازی لب
See the differences in the client’s pre-procedure and post-procedure face.

Dr. Leila Fard
The primary treatment in the first step is to improve Metic Row appearance is by Botox injection into the upper lip. Accordingly, this injection must be carried out delicately, in a calculated amount, and with a high-quality Botox substance. Otherwise, side effects, including involuntary salivation and crooked lips, are caused, which are temporary but irritating for the client all the same.

What is lip rejuvenation?

Now that we are familiar with the anatomy of the lips, we may proceed to say that that lip rejuvenation is actually a procedure comprised of upper lip Botox, laughter and marionette line filler, philtrum and teeth correction, as well as other cosmetic procedures that are exclusively different from one face to another, each uniquely tailored fit to the face.

Facts to consider and weigh these remarks prior to undergoing a lip rejuvenation procedure

Each of us may require one or more of these procedures depending on the shape and condition of our lips and face. In sum, for lip rejuvenation:

  • Do not presume that one’s lips are going to gain an abnormal, unnatural, duck-like, or clumsy appearance. Suppose the adequate materials are employed with the appropriate technique, and the doctor’s aesthetic vision and knowledge of facial anatomy are sufficient. In that case, none of these unwanted outcomes will ever appear.
  • We do not regard the lip as an individual and independent face element, nor do we merely consider highlighting and volumizing the by injecting filler.
  • Make sure to consult and seek advice from three competent and experienced doctors prior to proceeding with a lip rejuvenation procedure, have an exclusive beauty program, and do not rush when it comes to undergoing the procedure. Now that you are familiar with the anatomy of the lips, the complexity, and delicacy of the area, you understand that your doctor must be thoroughly proficient in terms of the lip and face anatomy, as well as having adequate experience and expertise, along with a remarkable and original aesthetic vision.

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