Does filler injection cause the face to look fake or ‘done’?

Even if you have never had a filler injection before, you’ve definitely considered the option. Fillers present many uses in facial rejuvenation and can serve your face to look its best. Yet, the fear of one’s face appearing fake or done as a result of gel and other fillers is what makes people hesitate against filler injections these days almost more than anything else. Bear with us in this article of Dr. Leila Fard to get familiar with the basis of this fear and the solution to deal with it.

What are the uses of fillers?

Filler or hyaluronic acid generates rejuvenation in two ways:

  • Fills in the sunken and dull areas of the face
  • Stimulates collagen production

High-quality fillers that are injected in the appropriate area improve skin consistency and render slight lifting and gradual rejuvenation in the area due to the stimulation of collagen production. Fillers are used in different areas of the face.
Filler injection in the area around the eyes will improve the appearance of dark circles and sunken look. Filler injections are similarly employed in lifting the cheekbones, middle areas of the face, frown lines, laughter lines, and around the lips, tear lines, chin, and jawline. The remarkable point in filler injection, is the quality of the injected filler, along with the skills and deftness of the doctor in charge.

اصلاح گودی زیر چشم
Repairing the sunken tear and mid-cheek line with filler injection


Why you shouldn’t be afraid of filler injection?

Many of us are concerned about the abnormal and fake appearance of our face post-injection, and this concern is quite fair. If a quality filler product is used for us, the injection is conducted within the appropriate area, and our doctor oversees the injection process with sufficient knowledge and experience, the post-injection face will never appear abnormal, fake, or done.

Dr. Leila Fard
For example, a prominent, youthful cheek does not need to be emphasized or receive filler injection within one’s face. Similarly, conducting filler injection on well-shaped and striking lips will only make the face appear fake, abnormal, and puppet-like.

High-quality gels or fillers, which come at an expensive price, comprise quite delicate molecular components that are similar to our body’s natural hyaluronic acid. These fillers take form well under the skin and grow a part of the dermis tissue. These fillers do not become pelleted, do not move, and the entirety of them are gradually absorbed in their consistent form. Contrarily, the inexpensive fillers remain separate from the tissue and may take in a pelleted form. These fillers and their particles are inconsistent upon adsorption, generating an appearance of contortion and inconsistency in the face.
Accordingly, if you trust your doctor’s skills and are positive about the original quality of fillers in use, you should not worry about the outcomes giving your face a fake or abnormal appearance due to filler injections.

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