Everything you need to know about radiofrequency (RF) waves

Are you worried about losing the firmness of your skin, and seeking an effective and simple way to combat it? The golden solution to your concern is in our hands. Fractional RF or radiofrequency waves are one of the most efficient treatments in cosmetic medicine to improve skin firmness and facial appearance. Continue reading this article to get familiar with all you need to know about the RF method from Dr. Leila Fard‘s point of view.

What is radiofrequency (RF) wave treatment?

Radiofrequency (RF) wave treatment is deemed one of the most efficient treatments in cosmetic medicine that has a brief recovery period in addition to this method’s remarkable effects on improving skin firmness. This method is employed to improve skin firmness, increase collagen production, tighten skin pores, and improve acne scars on oily skin types. Fractional RF or radiofrequency waves have other types and applications that we will get familiar with soon.


What are the types of radiofrequency waves?

Radiofrequency waves, or fractional RF, are performed in two techniques, namely non-needle (non-invasive) and needle (invasive).

What is the difference between needle RF and non-needle RF?

The difference between the two methods is in the penetration depth of the waves and their effectiveness. The non-needle (non-invasive) method is painless, without any swelling, scaling, and redness. The needle (invasive) method renders redness for one to two days upon the procedure. We reduce the pain caused by this method via Emla cream to about zero and all clients can comfortably tolerate it under the influence of local anesthesia.

Purposes of using radio frequency (RF) waves

The RF (fractional RF) method is employed for various purposes, a few of these purposes include:

  • Increasing skin firmness
  • Improving skin pore appearances
  • Improving and preventing acne breakouts
  • Correcting sagging face and loose neck skin
  • Improving collagen formation in cheeks and face
  • Improving the skin firmness on the jawline, sides of the face, cheeks, and double-chin
  • Volume reduction and lifting the double-chin
  • Improving the appearance of horizontal necklines

What are the uses of radiofrequency (RF) waves?

Both methods of invasive and non-invasive fractional RF (radiofrequency waves) have different applications, which we will discuss next.
Fractional radiofrequency waves are used for lifting, increasing skin firmness, improving the sunken appearance and sagging, as well as healing acne scars. The eye area is additionally one of the many areas where fractional RF can be used to eliminate wrinkles and darkness. The pain caused by RF procedure is reduced to about zero and is easily tolerated under the influence of local anesthesia that lasts up to forty-five minutes. In sum, the uses of fractional RF are:

  • Lifting the face
  • Increasing skin firmness
  • Improving sagging and loose skin
  • Improving the appearance of acne scarring
  • Eliminating dark circles and wrinkles surrounding the eyes

Non-needle radiofrequency waves are further used to reduce the double-chin volume and lift the lower parts of the face.

How long does the RF treatment last?

The duration of the treatment procedure using frequency waves (RF fractional RF) is usually four sessions per month. Yet, the overall length of the treatment period and the number of sessions may vary slightly depending on the type of procedure. For example, comparatively better results are obtained when we combine the non-needle RF with the fractional RF for combatting large, bulky double-chins. We will perform fractional RF one to four sessions per month and non-needle RF one to eight sessions per week, depending on the client’s particular circumstances.

The recovery period

A short recovery period is one of the advantages of this treatment. In general, the recovery period of the RF method will last a maximum of one to two days and include minor redness, after which the improvement in the appearance of the client’s face will be completely evident.

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