Ways to deal with sagging skin according to Dr. Fard’s viewpoint

Sagging facial skin, also known as premature aging, is the most apparent aging sign that causes concern as a result of developing age. Facial skin usually possesses a certain vigor and radiance until well into the second decade of one’s life, but this vigor gives way to wrinkles and so-called sagging as the skin ages and the amount of collagen production in the skin tissue decreases. If you are also concerned about losing the radiance of your skin and looking for ways to deal combat this process to an extent, stay tuned. In this article, Dr. Leila Fard reveals the strategies to deal with a sagging face.

Avoiding cigarettes and tobacco intake along with heavy exercising and weight lifts

These two factors strongly alter the elastin-collagen texture and reduce the firmness of the skin, which leads to increased sagging.

باشگاهHeavy exercising and its impression on the skin

Avoid yo-yo diets

The term yo-yo diets is a scientific term. Individuals who are constantly gaining or losing weight further damage their collagen elastin. Women who decide to lose weight should proceed with their weight loss plan under the guidance of a nutritionist, and if they lose more than two kg per month or 500 g per week, this weight loss is deemed detrimental to the skin elastin collagen. Usually, the skin damage caused by weight changes of over two kilograms per month is irreversible.

لاغریSevere weight loss causes sagging skin.

Avoid steam and dry saunas

Exposure to a dry and steam sauna for more than five minutes per month is detrimental to health and also damages the skin tissue, leaving adverse outcomes. So if you do not want to get sagging skin prematurely, be cautious when using a dry sauna and steam. Constant exposure to steam and dry sauna harms the skin tissue and diminishes natural skin vigor.


Exposure to a dry and steam sauna for more than five minutes per month damages the skin tissue

Avoid excessive sun exposure and solariums

Excessive sun exposure and solarium severely damage the skin’s elastin collagen and eventually, cause a sagging face. Be sure to consult your dermatologist to guide you prior to any extreme sun-bathing or a solarium experience.
Severe anxiety, insomnia, and thyroid issues
Thyroid issues, namely hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism, strongly affect the skin. Individuals who stay up late, or similarly cannot benefit from a restorative sleep and further suffer from anxiety harm their skin and skin firmness to a great extent.

Genetic factors

If the skin genetics of one’s family isn’t quite adequate, and the consistency of one’s skin decreases at an earlier age than usual, more measures are expected of the individual to counteract sagging facial skin. We must employ and seek help from scientific methods such as filler injections, Botox, mesotherapy, and microneedling, and strictly avoid the detrimental factors that I mentioned above to adequately deal with the genetic shortcomings.

What is the treatment for sagging skin?

As with any treatment, prevention always takes precedence over treatment to maintain the skin’s natural elastin collagen. Consequently, one has to wait for the appearance of symptoms to initiate the treatment process. Regarding the therapeutic solution to this issue, Dr. Leila Fard remarks:

Many clients ask us if it is not too early to start Botox treatments. I have to say that we consider the symptoms first. Everyone from the age of 21 onwards is legally and scientifically allowed to inject fillers and Botox. Accordingly, if you realize that you are suffering from facial lines, sagging areas around the face, laughter, and forehead lines, sunken appearance, and dark circles around the eyes for any reason mentioned in this article, you should immediately seek adequate treatment for these symptoms to prevent severely sagged skin. For the first step, you should prepare an exclusive beauty program in consultation with your doctor and then proceed according to it with quality materials and up-to-date methods and scientific, technical, and appropriate moves.

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