Jawline Correction by Hyaluronic Filler Injection

Do you suffer from sagging cheekbones and jawline while you’re hesitant about surgery at the same time? We promise you that these issues can be easily corrected with a non-surgical method, by injecting gel and fillers in these areas. In this article, Dr. Leila Fard talks about the jawline correction by a hyaluronic filler injection method. Bear with us in this article to get familiar with this method.

Correction of sub-cheek line and jawline

Vigor in the cheek and jawline has a substantial impact on keeping the youthfulness of one’s youth. Although several factors cause sagging in these areas of the face, the good news is that the aftermath of sagging in these areas can be completely erased with a non-surgical method. The youthful appearance can be restored to these areas of the face by injection of hyaluronic fillers.

Pre-jawline addressing

The jawline (both sides of the chin) serves as a solid base that holds both sides of the face well. Both sides of the face are lifted as a result of correcting the area on both sides of the chin (jawline). Furthermore, correcting the sunken jawline (both sides of the chin) area has a considerable and pronounced effect on improving the sagging of the sides of the face as well as contouring. This main area can be corrected in our dear clients by using the top brand and high-quality hyaluronic filler, which prompts tissue formation and stimulates collagen production while filling the sunken area.

Dr. Leila Fard:
As mentioned, jawline correction can lift both sides of the face but it is always advised to correct the marionette lines along the jawline.

اصلاح خط فکی
Jawline correction of the client with hyaluronic filler
  • White arrow: jawline area
  • White circle: sagging on both sides of the face

The white arrow in this image reveals the sunken appearance of the pre-jowl area. Injecting hyaluronic filler in this area will improve and forestall the sagging process in both sides of the face (white circle).

Dr. Leila Fard:
If you want to prevent or treat sagging on both sides of your face, the most relevant medical procedure is to inject filler in the jawline area.

اصلاح خط فکی، رأس گونه وزاویه فکی
Correction of the jawline, cheekbones ends, and jaw angle
  • White arrow: sunken area in the jawline
  • White circle: sagging on both sides of the face
  • Black rectangle: jaw angle
  • White rectangle: cheekbone ends

Dr. Leila Fard:
If one strives to correct or prevent sagging on both sides of the face, it is better to fill in the cheekbone ends as well as the jaw angle, which acts as a pendant for both sides of the face, with filler.

Correction of sunken area and sagging of the tear and mid-cheek line with hyaluronic filler and its impression on the jawline

تأثیر اصلاح خط اشکی و میانه گونه بر خط فکی
The impact of tear and mid-cheek line correction on the jawline in overall

Areas such as the tear line, mid-cheek, cheekbone ends, and the sub-cheekbone act as pendants for the lower face areas that include the laughter line, jawline, sides of the face, and marionette lines alike. Correcting and filling the pendant areas indirectly reduces sagging and improves the firmness of the lower face areas.

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