Learn the scientific principles of skin rejuvenation with Dr. Fard

Having radiant, youthful, and vigorous skin is a joy for many. With skin rejuvenation techniques, you can further have youthful and radiant skin appropriate for your age. The remarkable point in this regard is to fulfill the scientific principles of skin rejuvenation, and Dr. Leila Fard has the pleasure of explaining these rejuvenation principles to our audience.
Botox Dysport, gel, and filler injections as well as other cosmetic medical procedures to rejuvenate your skin will only yield the desired result if they are conducted thoroughly in accordance with the scientific principles. These principles are listed below:

  • An exclusive beauty program that embraces modern and comprehensive cosmetic treatments serves as a roadmap to gaining and shielding a beauty treasure. Just as having a plan for all the major and minor goals are one of the paramount and undeniable mainstays to reach success, we must devise an exclusive plan during the first visit and examination session to gain the true beauty and natural radiance for one’s face. In this exclusive beauty program, the necessary measures are devised and included based on the client’s age, aesthetic tastes, social status, essential needs of the client’s face, and general health conditions of the body. The significance of the first visit and examination session should not be overlooked here. The output of this session, the “exclusive beauty program,” is the basis and the first preliminary of any esthetic action.
  • Prevention always takes precedence over treatment, even in esthetic medicine. Conducting corrective procedures will yield more natural and preferred results when the lines and sagging are not yet obvious. Do not worry about your skin getting used to the remedies. This sentence is absurd, just like assuming that since we get used to healthy eating habits or brushing our teeth, we’d better avoid doing so. The appropriate timing of beauty treatments is not relevant to one’s age, but rather the symptoms evident on one’s face, such as frown lines and sagging.
  • The exclusive beauty of the face (natural and dignified beauty) is the outcome of inner peace and outer beauty. Accordingly, never seek beauty and rejuvenation treatments during periods of severe anxiety, deep depression, emotional breakdown, and so forth. Numerous scientific studies have revealed that the client satisfaction level with the treatment results is drastically low under these circumstances, and consequently, marks an unpleasant experience of cosmetic procedures in the clients’ minds.
  • Botox Dysport injection can be likewise employed in the back of the lips (to reduce vertical lines and improve the general condition of the lips) and underarms (to reduce sweating), in addition to the well-known use in the forehead and the corners of the eyes.
  • The golden standard is Botox injection treatment to improve the frown line and horizontal lines seen on the forehead. We can fill the rest of the lines and sunken area with a filler or hyaluronic gel seven to 10 days after Botox injection and easing of the muscle pressure on the skin. All in all, in the forehead area, the priority is given first to Botox treatment and then filler.
  • We must use RF or radiofrequency waves very delicately, depending on the shape of one’s face and particular facial issue. This necessary deftness in the use of RF waves implies that inappropriate use of RF can cause the subcutaneous adipose tissue to melt and as an adverse result, the skin might sag.

Dr. Leila Fard:
It is generally recommended to apply RF only on the lower jaw area, such as the neck and chin, with the exception of particular cases, such as thick skin with open pores.

  • Symptoms like swelling, mild pain (severe pain is not normal), sensing of gel balls under the skin, asymmetry, and distortion are perfectly normal for one to two weeks after the lip filler injection. The filler components absorb water gradually, adapt to lip and speech movements, coalesce, and eventually gain a uniform and natural texture. Accordingly, enlist for a lip filler injection at least two weeks earlier if you are planning a wedding, party, business meeting, travel, etc.
Restoring the vigor of the lips by injecting hyaluronic filler
  • The difference between first grade and high-quality fillers and second and third-grade fillers is in the size, structure, and quality of their hyaluronic molecules. The high-quality filler is not manufactured in industrial factories but is produced in clinical laboratories by a harmless bacterium, and their molecule size is precise and estimated. Further, the hyaluronic molecules are homogeneous and uniform, highly purified, and refined in terms of quality. For this reason, the high-quality hyaluronic molecules rest uniformly and homogeneously under the skin, do not adhere together abnormally, and no gel balls are seen nor felt under the skin, and similarly, they do not move under the skin. At the same time, they are absorbed uniformly and do not cause distortion during the gradual absorption process. The percentage of impure and unnatural substances in high-quality hyaluronic is approximately zero. Therefore, the likelihood of allergies by injecting them is very rare.
  • With age, adipose tissue moves down the face in addition to the reduction of collagen and elastin volume. Prevention of these issues with an injection of hyaluronic filler is always valuable for this reason since the injected substance acts as a supporting tissue for subcutaneous adipose tissue and prevents its displacement, as well as compensating for the loss in collagen and elastin volume.
  • Washing and keeping the skin clean is one of the fundamentals of protection and care for the facial epidermis. If you have oily skin prone to acne with open pores, wash your face twice per day with a suitable cleanser and after rinsing, apply toner with the help of a cotton ball. For normal or dry skin, it will suffice to wash and clean your face with a suitable cleanser once per day.
  • How many ccs of filler do I need? You can see one cc of hyaluronic fillers in syringes of different volumes. My clients are often surprised and startled when I suggest that they need more than one or two ccs of fillers to correct areas such as the laughter and marionette lines. The volume of the filler does not matter, but rather the quality of the substance, the injection site, and technique, along with the expertise and experience of your doctor in charge.

Dr. Leila Fard:
Use the top brand and first-class fillers. Do not worry about the volume of the filler, but rather heed the quality.

  • A prominent and attractive jawline is deemed one of the facial beauty characteristics of our time. Be careful despite all the elegance, charm, and appeal of this face form. Excessive highlighting of the jawline angle can make one’s face seem rough and masculine. Moreover, pay attention to all the editing and care that refers to celebrity photos as well as the importance of taking photos in appropriate positions and do not be deceived. After all, the radiance and youthfulness of one’s face is a precious treasure that must be taken care of. Maintaining balance and appropriateness always preserves the natural state of our face.

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