Do the sunken appearance and dark circles around the eyes disappear with filler injection?

Sunken appearance and dark circles around the eyes are among the issues that shadow one’s face and eye beauty. Fear of sunken appearance and dark circles under the eyes are further among the reasons why many people enlist our help to solve their skin and hair problems. If you are likewise looking out for safe ways to treat dark circles and sunken appearance under the eyes, follow this article to get familiar with fool-proof methods to treat it with the guidance of Dr. Leila Fard.

What are the types of eye wrinkles?

There are two categories of eye wrinkles:

  1. Goose Feet Wrinkles: Goose feet wrinkles are observed in the corners of the eye and are better seen and aggravated through laughter. The treatment method used for these wrinkles is Botox Dysport injection.
  2. Under-eye Wrinkles: Under-eye wrinkles are located just under the eyes, and their main treatment is the injection of gel, filler, and non-volumizing hyaluronic substances. Non-invasive rejuvenation laser is likewise employed as a complementary treatment for this type of wrinkle.

Thus, we require a combination of Botox Dysport and an adequate filler injection in the area around the eyes to combat wrinkles in most people.
There are different types of high-quality fillers adequate for the eye area. Some of them are Aliaxin SR, Belotero Balance, Stylage S, and Juvederm Volbella. Please bear in mind that only your doctor can determine which of these four will render the best results for the type of wrinkles or sunken appearance around your eyes. These four are quite similar to each other in terms of material quality and cost, yet each one holds subtle differences in terms of molecular structure, water absorption amount, and setting form under the skin tissue. Your doctor will decide the right gel and filler for your injection based on various factors, such as the depth and shape of the sunken area and wrinkles, age, skin thickness, the amount of adipose tissue under the skin, and the type of filler.

Gel and filler injection

Causes of dark circles around the eyes:
The sunken appearance around the eyes may result from the following conditions:

  • Translucent skin and visible veins
  • Genetic and hereditary causes (which are very common)
  • Smoking and anemia
اصلاح گودی زیر چشم
Repairing of sunken appearance and dark circles under the eyes by filler injection administered by Dr. Leila Fard

Genetic darkness, if joined with sunken appearance, is reduced by approximately 50% after filler injection. These sunken areas gain a better appearance gradually with the aid of non-invasive lasers and injections of non-volumizing hyaluronic acid or skin boosters, but overall, they are considered as one of the most challenging cases to treat.
Smoking and anemia are additional major factors that cause sunken appearance and dark circles under the skin. As long as you have not quit smoking, or your anemia is untreated, no treatment will render effective results for dark circles around your eyes.

Do eye creams have a therapeutic effect on dark circles and sunken appearance?

Eye creams sold as a remedy for treating dark circles or puffiness on the market have little impact alone. The therapeutic impacts of these creams are magnified when you have injected fillers or undergone other treatments such as non-invasive lasers and skin booster therapies. These creams will prove more effective if applied along with these treatments, but they are not as much remedial alone. One of the adequate over-the-counter therapeutic creams for reducing the dullness and sunken appearance along with wrinkles of the eye area is the C Vit cream from the Sesderma brand.
In general, eye creams cannot be expected to serve beyond moisturizing and providing a slight anti-wrinkle and anti-darkening effect. Accordingly, never seek expensive creams in hopes of completely treating your dark circles, and only use medical and approved brands twice per day.

Is sunken appearance treatable?

The sunken appearance around the eyes can be reduced and completely treated by injecting quality fillers in one or two sessions arranged at intervals of two or three weeks. Please note that roughly 20% of people who have sunken areas around the eyes are not fit for filler injections due to the thinness of their under-eye skin.
Sunken appearance and dark circles under the eyes can be further treated with non-surgical methods.
Injecting filler or hyaluronic acid around the eyes is a particularly delicate and sensitive task. The quality of the used filler provides only a fraction of the outcome’s satisfaction. Your doctor’s experience and expertise are other factors that you should pay adequate care and ponder well before resolving.

What are the types of puffiness around the eyes?

There are two types of puffiness around the eyes:

  1. Unreal puffiness that is observed due to the decline of the underlying tissue or collagen and elastin in the areas around the face.
  2. Real puffiness caused by the accumulation of water (edema) and the displacement of adipose tissue.

Diagnosis of these two cases is conducted only through a clinical examination of the area around your eyes in person. Real puffiness can only be treated with plastic surgery. Contrarily, unreal puffiness is deemed one of the most sensitive and challenging cases of treatment with filler injection around the eyes, and the treatment process can be arranged gradually in two to three sessions. Accordingly, two completely different methods (surgery or filler) can be applied as your treatment if you have puffiness around the eyes. Determining the treatment type is possible only through an examination session and cannot be resolved by a photo or question on Instagram.

Treatment of sunken appearance and darkness with filler injection

Treatment of sunken area and dark circles around the eyes with filler injection is often performed by injecting one cc of filler in the first session. 20% to 30% of the darkness disappears immediately after the injection, and a following 20% fades after the filler has set in under the skin. The sunken areas under the eyes of these clients were treated with filler injection.
Usually, one cc is injected during the first session and after roughly a month, a second one cc if needed. In cases where the severity of the sunken areas and darkness is high, it is necessary to inject two ccs through two sessions arranged within intervals of one month. Ultimately, filler injection can repair about 30% of the darkness and 60% to 70% of the sunken skin appearance.

How long do fillers last?

The hyaluronic fillers in the eye area tend to last for periods ranging between about one year to a year and a half, but rejuvenating and collagen stimulation effects of high quality and top brand hyaluronic fillers will remain for five years. If you have sunken areas, dark circles, and wrinkles around the eyes, the sooner you begin the treatment, the sooner you will be treated. Similar to other health issues, prevention always takes precedence over treatment. In general, many eye esthetic issues, including dullness, sunken areas, dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness, can be treated with a combination of Botox Dysport, filler injection around the eyes, non-volumizing hyaluronic acid injections, or non-invasive skin rejuvenation lasers.

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