How to correct a tear line with filler?

The tear line is a key area in our face, and sagging in this area will make our face look worn and stressed. Please continue reading this article to learn how to correct a tear line using fillers and its outcomes from Dr. Leila Fard’s point of view.

Which part of the face is called the tear trough?

The tear line is the part of the cheek that meets under the eye on one side and runs parallel to the laughter line from the other side to the base of the face. Filling the tear line has a great effect on the overall form of the face and facelift.

What effect does the depth of the tear line have on our face?

The tear line is seen in front-view and profiles better compared to the full-face view. The presence of this line, in addition to causing sagging of the face and perception of fatigue on the face, has a worsening effect on the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. Therefore, if you have a tear line, filling it with a filler or hyaluronic acid gel will both lift the middle parts of the face and cheeks, and improve the appearance of dullness and dark circles around the eyes.

The causes for the appearance of the tear line

The tear line is one of the areas that, when dull, both deforms the cheeks and causes severe sagging of the middle parts of the face. The appearance of a tear line depicts the face in a constant state of stress and fatigue. There are several reasons why the tear line appears, including:

  • weight loss
  • chronic stress
  • aging

Effects of tear line correction with filler

As mentioned, the tear line covers the middle area of the cheeks. The tear line is a key area in facial rejuvenation. Correcting and filling the tear line with hyaluronic filler both relieves the appearance of fatigue on the whole face and has an excellent effect on improving the condition of the cheeks, laughter line, and dark circles around the eyes.


Dr. Leila Fard:
The key point in our face is the tear line, and we have to fill in the tear line before filling other areas or the procedure should be carried out at the same time. Let us not forget that our face has an interconnected and whole form and structure, and the modification of its components has a significant effect on other components, as well as the overall form of our face.


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Correcting the tear line, especially on the front-view and profiles, makes our face look younger. Plus, filling the tear line has a great effect on improving the appearance of circles around the eyes and the laughter line. After filling the tear line, the cheeks become more prominent and shapely, and a pristine appearance passes over to the face. The treatment procedure is done by injecting a filler, which has a specialized technique and should be carried out with a high-quality and appropriate filler in that area and by a skilled and experienced doctor.

How long do the effects of tear line correction last?

The gel and filler injection takes about three minutes, lasts six to nine months, and the stimulating effect of collagen production or rejuvenation lasts for up to a year.

Does it hurt to correct the tear line with a filler?

Prior to injection, the injection area is completely anesthetized with a cream. On the other hand, the lidocaine in the filler and vibration of the device does not allow the client to feel any pain.

Dr. Leila Fard:
See the effect of filler injection in the tear line area (red arrow) for indirect lift and correction of the laughter line (green arrow), marionette (blue arrow), and the sides of the face (green arrow) in these references. This is exactly what I mean when I talk about the correction of the tear line and its indirect effect on the laughter line, marionette, and even the area around the eyes. The tear line is a key area of the face, as it acts as both a pendant for the laughter line and marionette, as well as a support base for the cheeks and the area around the eyes.

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