Fake or Natural Faces: Which One is Your Choice?

Do you remember the popular TV series, Friends? Or the vibrant and pretty character, Monica, whose lovely face is unforgettable for the fans of the series. Courtney Cox, much like the other celebrities in Hollywood, has not denied herself cosmetic procedures such as gel and filler injections and Botox Dysport. Yet, filler and Botox injections have had the reverse impact this time, giving Courtney’s gorgeous face a fake look. Follow Dr. Leila Fard to find out the reasons behind the fake appearance of faces and methods to overcome it.

Practice the below tips to have a natural look on your face.

The rejuvenating impacts of filler and Botox injections are indeed impressive and yet, tempting, but not any injection will necessarily lead us to these desired results. Then, what can we do to look younger and more vigorous by injecting fillers or Botox while preserving our natural beauty? Study the image below with care before we get to provide an answer to this question.

عوارض تزریق فیلر
Failing to observe a few critical details will cause these changes in the procedure results.

At times, filler injections may give our face a fake look if the injection is overdone, administered in the wrong areas (for example, injection on the sides of the nose in Courtney Cox’s case), or with an unseemly technique. The photo on the left depicts Courtney Cox with a puffed-up face that has given her lovely eyes a smaller look. She then reappears with her natural face in the photo depicted on the right after dissolving the fillers that gave her, verbatim in her own words, “a fake face.”
Solemnly consider the below points if you do not wish to end up with a fake face appearance because of the filler or Botox injections.

  1. Never seek bizarre procedures or unmethodical treatments.
    Gradual, deliberate, and methodical steps under the supervision of a competent doctor gifted with a valid aesthetic vision, remain the first and fundamental steps in preserving one’s natural beauty.
  2. Always pay attention to the quality of materials in use
    Take the case of Courtney Cox’s beautiful face for example once more. The natural form of the face was restored once the filler substances were dissolved in the hyaluronidase enzyme, given that the substances were of high-quality hyaluronic acid. The reversibility of these quality materials is the reason why we put all this emphasis on the quality of the filler and the substance being hyaluronic. Seldom, despite all the care and attention, the procedure does not work out the way we want. For instance, the injected filler absorbs too much water. In such cases, the availability of this enzyme is a real guarantee and assurance. Sadly, this is not the case once fat grafting and non-hyaluronic dermal fillers are concerned. Fat grafting and non-hyaluronic fillers are much advertised because of their post-injection longevity, yet there is always the concern that the impact of these procedures will be irreversible.
  3. Avoid random and hasty procedures without adequate deliberation, born out of an impulse to keep up with the Joneses
    Many dear clients refer to me as they suffer greatly from the consequences of their earlier haste in decision-making. Almost all have one sentence in common, “I accompanied my friend for her injection, and then I got tempted while there and got a filler injection myself.” The sentence is followed by many words of longing for undoing all that has been done.
  4. Take the frown line area injections seriously
    The glabella area or frown line is a highly vascular and sensitive area. Filler injections administered in this area for smoothening dimples and deep lines have been much debated for several years and many colleagues and professors avoid filler injections in this area. Filler injections in the frown line could lead to permanent blindness and other severe complications due to the abounding presence of vital vessels in the area.

Dr. Leila Fard says:
For this reason, I always insist that Botox injection is the one and only scientific means of modern esthetics for improving the appearance of frown lines. Beware that the impact of Botox injection in the frown line area will be practically relative if these lines settle on the face and deepen.

خط اخم
Be careful in the case of frown line injections

The impact of Botox injection in the frown line fades sooner than the other areas. With this in mind, be sure to renew the Botox injection every 2-3 months to further protect the area from the appearance of any sunken look, which will practically not have any serious treatment. The Botox renewal is particularly relevant if you have strong facial muscles.

Dr. Leila Fard:
As a last piece of advice, I assure you that prevention is always better than cure. The saying is even more relevant at times when the face skin is concerned, which happens to be extremely delicate and many of its damages irreversible. Watch out for the damages that could harm your skin.

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