What should you not do before and after filler injection?

Everyone, young and old, is looking for a young and fresh face these days. By injecting filler, this “wish for immortality” can be realized, but does everything end with injecting gel and filler? If you are also planning to inject the filler into your face, follow the words of Dr. Leila Fard to get a correct view of the actions before and after the filler injection.

What does filler do to your face?

Except for aging, anything can be stopped. The rise of this golden number is not pleasantly related to the beauties of the face, and gradually various sags and hollows are found on the face. Of course, it is not only aging that leaves these marks on the face, but also various diets, sudden weight loss, insomnia, stress, poor nutrition, and unhealthy lifestyle can cause and exacerbate these sags and hollows. Of course, the good news is that if we take action to correct and eliminate these marks in time, we will get good results and we will have a face with natural beauty; a face we can even enjoy getting older. What does filler contribute to this natural beauty?

فیلر restylane
Restylane filler is one of the high-quality fillers

As the name implies, this material has filling and sometimes volumetric properties. You may have heard of fillers under other names, such as gel or hyaluronic acid, but all three of these names are the common name for a substance that is widely used in cosmetic medicine these days. There are different types of filler or hyaluronic acid, but what will get you the desired result is the use of high-quality fillers such as Stylage, Restylane, Juvederm, and Belotero. If you would like to know more about fillers, we recommend reading the article on different types of fillers.

What is the use of filler?

High-quality top-brand fillers with a structure very similar to the molecular structure of our skin, restore and regenerate the lost collagen and elastin of the skin. This property causes facelift, rejuvenation, and in some cases filling of hollow areas. The filler is used to treat the tear through hollows under the eyes, dark circle, the laugh line, marionette line, tear line, the cheek area, the jawline, both sides of the chin, the chin, the middle line of the cheek, and to shape the lips. You can see the amazing effects of filler injection on the face of these dear patients:


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What should you not do before the filler injection?

Now let’s see what precautions to take before the filler injection:

  • Do not take medications such as Jellofen, Mefenamic acid, Multivitamins, Aspirin, or Vitamin K-containing compounds for 3 days.
  • Eat fewer vegetables 2 days before the injection.
  • If you are a smoker, reduce smoking in the days before the injection.
  • Observing the above reduces the possibility of bruising.

What should you not do after the filler injection?

These cares are not limited to just before the filler injection, and you should be very careful after the filler injection, but how?

  • Do not take medications such as Jellofen, Mefenamic acid, Multivitamins, Aspirin, or Vitamin K-containing compounds for up to 2 days after filler injection.
  • Do not massage the injection site for up to a week.
  • Do not go to the pool for a week.
  • Do not shower for 1 day after filler injection and do not rub regular and routine creams to the injection site.
  • Do not use cosmetics until 1 day later.

Does injection filler make the face artificial?

If the filler is injected with the use of quality materials and a specialist doctor, it will maintain the natural state of the face. But to have a young and at the same time natural face, always pay attention to the following points:

  1. Look for experience and skill, not the amount of filler
    What keeps your face natural after cosmetic surgery is your doctor’s skills and experience, not the amount of filler injected into your face.
    Dr. Leila Fard says: The injection of 10 high-quality filler syringes by a skilled doctor will give you 10-15 years younger and more natural faces.
  2. Do not sacrifice your beauty for substandard fillers
    Injecting 1 cc of substandard filler by an inexperienced person can make your face look completely artificial or even deformed. Strange lips, very chubby cheeks, and puffy eyes are just some of the artificial poses that are unfortunately, they are not few.
  3. Take your doctor’s experience and skills seriously
    The experience and skill of the doctor mean:
  • Have the right aesthetic vision.
  • Distinguish suitable people for filler injections from people whose face requires procedures such as lift surgery. (For some people, filler
    injections may not only be inappropriate but also may make the face puffier and sagging.0
  • Identify the injection sites correctly.
  • Provide correct prioritization for filler injection.

Dr. Leila Fard says:
An experienced and skilled doctor, after a thorough examination of your face, will offer you a detailed and prioritized specialized beauty program.

How long do high-quality hyaluronic fillers last?

Now that you are familiar with fillers, their use, and pre-and post-care, it is time to know how long this “youth miracle” lasts. The effect of high-quality hyaluronic fillers is fully defined in 1-2 weeks and lasts for 6-9 months. Of course, its rejuvenating effects (stimulation of collagen production) can last up to 3 years. Your need for filler injections will gradually decrease and the effects of filling and lifting will become more lasting.

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