Allow us to present to you 4 innovative skin rejuvenation methods

Facial skin rejuvenation is not limited to the elderly. As the first signs of aging, such as wrinkles, often appearing at the age of 25, emerge, we should start rejuvenation procedures. Currently, the best method to rejuvenate facial skin is through non-invasive methods. In the following, you will get acquainted with four non-invasive rejuvenation methods, according to Dr. Leila Fard.

Youth does not last

Despite what we may desire, youth is not permanent. The signs of growing old gradually appear on the skin as we age. Wrinkles, loss of subcutaneous water, decreased skin firmness and elasticity, and reduced collagen production are some of the symptoms that warn us about aging. Each individual should be informed and perform cosmetic procedures before it is too late because if these symptoms intensify, the desired result cannot be obtained. What are the methods to rejuvenate the skin, and which one is the best?

The Best Skin Rejuvenation Methods

There are various methods for facial rejuvenation. Some of these methods fall into the category of invasive methods (such as surgery) and some are placed under the category of non-invasive methods (such as mesotherapy and micro-needling). As the name implies, non-invasive methods have fewer side effects and provide you with the results you wish for without further harming your skin. We will now briefly consider each of these methods:

1- Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion suggests cleansing the skin with specific tools. This method is a non-invasive procedure, with no pain and erythema, and has no recovery period.
In terms of non-invasive nature, you can compare it to teeth scaling.

میکرودرم ابریژن
Cleanse your skin with microdermabrasion.

Applications of Microdermabrasion:

  • The primary treatment for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin
  • The primary treatment for blemished skin with open facial pores

From the age of fourteen onwards, regardless of the type of our skin, we all need to cleanse our skin once a month. It’s like the teeth scaling procedure whose course is once or twice a year.

2- Mesotherapy
Injecting a combination of natural moisturizing factors (NMF), hyaluronic acid, medications that lighten the dark patches of skin, vitamins, micronutrients, and collagen-activating compounds into the top layer of the dermis (middle layer) is called mesotherapy.

Applications of Mesotherapy

  • Treating blemished, dry, dehydrated, and dull skin
  • Complementary treatment for dark circles around the eyes and eye-bags
  • Rejuvenation and stimulation of collagen production
  • Improving skin texture and firmness (regardless of age and skin type)

Mesotherapy Performance Method

Dr. Leila Fard:
I perform mesotherapy with a non-injective method using the Anubis device. The device inserts medication compound with fine needles, following the platinum method, to a depth of 5 millimeters under your skin, smoothly and precisely. There is no pain, swelling, bruising, or recovery period, and it is a non-invasive procedure.

3- Non-invasive Lasers
The non-invasive rejuvenating laser is a non-burning laser that does not harm the epidermis and is also called a Cool Laser. The non-invasive rejuvenating laser does not cause pain, swelling, erythema, flaking, nor does it require a recovery period. After the procedure, you can restart your daily activities.
Non-invasive Laser Applications:

  • One of the primary treatments for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin
  • Reciprocal treatment for blemished skin with open pores
  • Steadfast stimulation of collagen production
  • Increasing blood circulation and oxygenation
  • Improving skin texture, firmness, and clarity
  • Complementary treatment to removing dark circles around the eyes
  • Treating boils

Non-invasive Laser Treatment Course
The course of non-invasive rejuvenation laser treatment is six to eight sessions at one-week intervals. You will be witnessing outstanding treatment outcomes after the third or fourth session. Once the operation sessions of once course are over, you can repeat the procedure twice a year.

4- Microneedling
Microneedling is another method of facial skin rejuvenation that leads to facial rejuvenation non-invasively.
In this method, we create delicate paths using microneedles to enter the medication compound into the underlying layers of the epidermis (top layer) of the skin.
Applications of Microneedling

  • The golden treatment for facial pores, along with microdermabrasion and non-invasive laser
  • One of the primary treatments for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin
  • Treatment for boils and some other types of blemishes
  • intensive stimulation of collagen production, rejuvenation, removal of fine wrinkles, improving the texture and firmness of the skin

Microneedling Performance Method
My method of microneedling does not involve imposing any scars or bleeding on the skin. The reticular layer, which is the defense barrier of our skin, is not harmed at all. Your skin will be mildly pink for a maximum of two days, and you can attend work the day after.Cleanse your skin with microdermabrasion.
Cleanse your skin with microdermabrasion.


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Now that you are familiar with non-invasive facial skin rejuvenation methods, you can make an informed decision regarding the actions you take for your facial rejuvenation, and obtain the best results with the fewest side effects.

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