Get familiarized with various kinds of fillers

If you are concerned about the condition which your skin is in, and having a young and fresh face is one of your top priorities, you are ought to get familiar with filler. Injecting gels and fillers in different regions of the face has spectacular impacts on facial rejuvenation and freshness. However, these positive outcomes also depend on identifying the suitable fillers and the techniques and procedures used to apply them. In this article, Dr. Leila Fard will introduce us to different types of fillers and their applications.

What are the applications of fillers?

Filler injection in areas where the collagen and elastin tissue of the skin is dissolved is one of the primary and essential measures in the process of rejuvenation. Filler injections in different regions of the face have significant therapeutic impacts. So fillers have various applications, including:

  • Rejuvenation
  • Facelift
  • Removing crow’s feet (under-eye wrinkles and bags)
  • Removing laugh lines
  • Temple lift
  • Removing Marionette lines
  • Removing cheek and jawline wrinkles
  • Chin reconstruction

Types of fillers

Interestingly enough, fillers, gels, and hyaluronic acid are all various names of the same substance. As a matter of fact, fillers or gels are made of hyaluronic acid. In a general classification, hyaluronic acids are divided into two categories:

فیلرهای تاپ برند

There are diverse types of filler:

  1. Volumizer filler: This category includes Restylane, Belotero, Juvederm, and Stylage.
  2. Non-filler (non-volumizer): This category includes Profhilo and skin booster. Profhilo does not add to the volume, and the skin booster is used as a skin nourisher and rejuvenator. Skin booster includes Restylane-vital (unavailable in Iran) and Stylage Hydro (available in Iran).

When is Stylage Hydro filler applied?

Stylage Hydro belongs to the family of injectable and non-volumizing rejuvenating hyaluronic acid, which, like Restylane Vital and Belotero Hydro, stimulates deep hydration, spurs collagen production, and rejuvenates the skin. Pure injectable Hyaluronic at a high level of concentration such as Stylage Hydro and Belotero Hydro is among the best and most prominent non-volumizing rejuvenating brands in the world. They are injected once a month for three or four back-to-back sessions (depending on age and skin state) in different regions of the face. From the first to the second day, the therapeutic and remedial impacts begin to emerge. These impacts last for one to three years if the course is repeated. Also, the time the injected fillers last increases as a result of the collagen production of the skin.

Why are these influences so vital and considered valuable and impactful in aesthetic medicine?

Because in some cases, our face requires tissue reconstruction and extensive and profound hydration, without volumizing; e.g., sometimes in addition to volumizing and filling in lines and wrinkles, such as filling the laugh lines or crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes with a filler or volumizing hyaluronic, hydration is required.

Dr. Leila Fard:
Once we reach the age of twenty-five, we all gradually lose the water of the middle layer of the skin AKA the dermis. Sometimes stress, sunlight, obesity, being excessively underweight, and lack of proper nutrition also add to the impact. Skin collagen production also decreases as we grow older. Fibroblasts, which are the skin’s rejuvenating cells, gradually stop functioning over time. At the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine USA (AAAM), this type of impact is called Glu Lift or Amazing Lift. This method has no age limit and a really short recovery period of two to three days. This method is also used to rejuvenate the hands and neck.

When is the Restylane filler used?

Restylane is one of the brands that has been used for many years. Restylane filler is made in Sweden, which also has an official representative in Iran. This brand is one of the highest-selling and top fillers in the world.

فیلر restylane
Restylane Filler

Some exceptional features make this filler rather novel:

  • Truly natural composition which is compatible with the original texture of the skin
  • There is a wide range of products, each applied on different regions of the face such as the laugh lines, jawline, eye area, lips, the skin of the hands and neck, etc.
  • Stimulation and intensification of collagen production in the middle layer (dermis) due to the presence of very natural hyaluronic acid in it

When is the Restylane Lift filler used?

Restylane Lift is one of the best types of Restylane filler. It is used to remove deep laugh lines and cheeks lines and to define the jawline. This type of Restylane filler has a very elastic structure that forms well under the skin, and due to its high water absorption quality, it both adds to the volume excellently and lifts the target area.

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