Should I Go for a Lip Filler Injection or Not?

Do you want your lips to look lusty? The shape of the lips is perhaps the most relevant detail in rendering one’s face more alluring and, therefore, deserves more attention. Lip filler injection is a common procedure to volumize and rejuvenate the lips. In this article, Dr. Leila Fard explains the methodical techniques of lip filler injection.

What is a lip filler?

Fillers and gels are volumizing and replenishing substances that the hyaluronic acid-based ones are more compatible with the human skin. Hyaluronic acids are classified into volumizing and non-volumizing compounds, so not all fillers are supposed to be plump your lips. Lip filler injection serves to plump and rejuvenate the upper lip, lower lip, heart of the lip and further improves the wrinkles around the lips in combination with Botox.

Dr. Leila Fard:
“We plump the heart of the lip with a particular technique that does not render a duck lip appearance in the profile.”

Note that the injection of gel and lip fillers is not merely for plumping the lips for a more prominent appearance. Many filler injections administered in the lip and surrounding area are to rejuvenate and reshape the lips, not just plump them. These reasons are particularly valid for the clients who have undergone weight loss or dental and jaw procedures such as implants and jaw surgery. Accordingly, the corrective aims of lip filler injections are listed as

  • Prominence for the lips
  • Lip rejuvenation and reshaping
تزریق فیلر لب
Lip filler injection administered by Dr. Fard

Lip filler injection with BDLA technique

Lip filler injection with the BDLA technique is advised for clients concerned about the abnormal or unnatural appearance of their lips post-procedure. Filler injection with this technique preserves the natural appearance while rejuvenating and reshaping the lips. By employing this novel and advanced filler injection technique,

  • You’d no longer feel the injection pain
  • Your lips won’t have the duck lips look
  • Your lips won’t have an abnormal, unnatural, or doll-like form.

Gingival smile treatment

Gingival smile or the appearance of gums while laughing (gummy smile) responds to various treatment methods. In severe cases, consulting a cosmetic dentist and employing surgical procedures is the first step in treating a gingival smile. Moderate and mild cases respond well to a combination of Botox injections and hyaluronic fillers administered through a particular and methodical procedure. Treating a gingival smile demands adept expertise and the use of quality Botox and fillers. Otherwise, an unpleasant mouth form may appear when laughing, talking, and eating.

How much filler do I need?

You may have wondered about the exact amount of fillers needed for lip injection. To answer this question, it is maintained that the amount of the filler is not important, but its quality, injection area, technique, and the expertise of your doctor are rather crucial. However, it is better to never inject fillers for more than one cc in a session.

Dr. Leila Fard:
Never inject more than one cc filler in a session. Injecting more than once cc increases the risk of swelling the next day, bruising, asymmetry in the form, and critical complications such as an arterial blockage.

A maximum of one cc in the first session would suffice for thin lips. More amounts of filler can be injected once the initial injection has settled well and created the right atmosphere. Another one cc injection is needed two or three weeks after the initial injection to render a better and impeccable shaping of thin lips.
We suggest you watch this video to get a better idea of the lip filler injection procedure.


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What post-procedure care is needed after the lip filler injection?

Swelling is perfectly normal the day after the injection. Plan your day accordingly to have no major gathering or work meeting for the first two days after the procedure. Heavy exercise the first day after the injection may render the swelling worse, but moderate exercise is advised.

How long does a lip filler injection’s effect last?

Lip filler injection’s effect, like other fillers, lasts for between six to nine months.

What if I am not satisfied with the lip filler’s effect?

There is no need to worry if the filler is an adequate one administered by a qualified doctor. If you are unhappy with the filler’s final effect for any reason, a specialist doctor can drain the injected filler with a substance designated as Hyalase.
In the end, if you fancy having lusty and prominent lips or to enjoy comely lips with a natural look, it is better to consider a lip filler injection.

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