Gain a 10 years younger look by correcting your jawline

The jawline is one of the most influential parts of the face that significantly alters one’s facial vigor and youthfulness. Do not worry if you do not have a smooth jawline or the area has begun to sag because these issues can be effortlessly corrected with a non-surgical method. Follow Dr. Leila Fard’s instructions to find out more about the jawline correction with filler and its impact on one’s facial elegance.

Smooth appearance of the jawline area: the secret to facial vigor and youthfulness

The jawline and its smooth appearance render a marvelous impact on one’s facial vigor. Remarkably, the face’s sagging areas, such as the marionette lines and both sides of the chin, directly alter the jawline’s appearance. As a result, sometimes it is necessary to correct other areas of the face as a part of procedures to correct the jawline and observe the indirect impact.

اصلاح خط فکی توسط دکتر لیلا فرد
Jawline correction by dr. Fard

How is the jawline area’s sagging appearance corrected?

Most people are unhappy with the sagging of the sides of the face within the jawline area. The discontent is due to the drooping and reduction in firmness observed on the sides. Correction of this area sometimes necessitates pre-correction of the involved areas to reshape the main jawline area.

  • Lower cheeks correction on the sides of the face
    Correction of the jawline (on both lower cheeks) renders a striking impact in correcting the lower cheeks’ sagged appearance and contouring. The remarkable effect is actualized by applying top-brand and high-quality hyaluronic filler that penetrates the sunken area and stimulates collagen formation.
  • Laughter line correction
    Laughter line correction rejuvenates and lifts the lower face areas.
  • Marionette line correction
    Sagging of the marionette line (the line that extends downwards from the lip corners) and the sunken appearance on the jawline area further weakens the lower areas. Treating the sagging and sunken appearance with filler injection requires a precise and unique technique, and the procedure must be conducted with a filler adequate to that area. Otherwise, puffiness and even more severe sagging will occur in the aftermath of the procedure.

Dr. Leila Fard:
We employ the filler injection method to eliminate the jawline sagging and sunken appearance while RF frequency is applied on lower cheeks to create a lifting effect. However, it is necessary to combine the gel and filler injection methods in the sunken areas and perform radiofrequency in the sagged bits in the majority of these cases to improve the facial condition. In some cases, a mere filler injection into the sunken area on the lower cheeks suffices to ease the issue.

Jawline correction according to your exclusive beauty program

Procedures that are thorough and specially tailored for you will render the overall look much more vigorous. The exclusive beauty program implies that the procedure designs and applications will be tailored in line with your face shape, condition, desires, and tastes, all devised and provided to you by Dr. Leila Fard.

Does the filler injection in the jawline area hurt?

The injection area is anesthetized with EMLA cream so that no pain is felt, and the filler itself contains lidocaine, which will soothe the needle pain too.

How long does the jawline filler last?

Top-brand and high-quality fillers usually have a shelf life of 6 to 9 months.

Jawline correction procedures administered by Dr. Leila Fard


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Dr. Leila Fard:
I used Restylane Lyft filler to correct both areas (one cc each area) in this lovely client of mine. The filler lasts for approximately 6 to 9 months, and no pain is felt under the anesthetic influence of EMLA cream, given that the filler itself contains lidocaine.

Dr. Leila Fard:
Often, the lower cheeks sag in the aftermath of this sunken appearance, resulting from natural tissue and skin collagen loss. In suitable cases, the jawline area regains the smoothness once more after the uneven appearance is eased with filler injection. Laughter and marionette lines have also been corrected with filler, respectively. Upper and lower lip rejuvenation with a suitable filler renders the lips a little more voluminous and youthful. The combined effect of these procedures administered on the lower face has rejuvenated this dear client’s facial state for 7 to 10 years.

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