All you need to know about facial rejuvenation with filler injection

Are you seeking radiant and young skin? You might find the answer in the miraculous effects of hyaluronic filler on the face. Correction of the laughter line, sunken areas, and dark circles surrounding the eyes sagged cheeks, chin, and marionette line are just a few of the therapeutic effects linked with filler injection. Follow Dr. Leila Fard’s words to find out the details of numerous scientific facts on gel and filler injection procedures.

What is a hyaluronic filler, and what applications it serves?

The filler is used as a volumizer and fill substance for sunken areas of the face, such as the area surrounding the eyes and laughter line. If you wonder about the difference between filler and gel, I must remark that filler, gel, and hyaluronic acid are all different names for the same substance. Accordingly, fillers or gels are formulated of hyaluronic acid. Sufficient, top-brand, high-quality hyaluronic such as Belotero, Restylane, Stylage, and OCI are our bodies’ natural hyaluronic, conceived from a harmless bacterium under clinical laboratory conditions. Remarkably, these fillers are not manufactured in industrial facilities and are entirely natural; thus, the natural fillers are absorbed within 6 to 9 months, and no trace is ever left in the recipient’s body.

What are the impacts of filler injection on the skin?

High-quality fillers injected with the adequate dose and a controlled technique in the appropriate area serve to stimulate collagen production, and improve skin firmness, eliminate the epidermal layer (surface layer) dullness, increase the firmness of the derm layer (middle layer), and renders a slight lift effect that eases the sagged appearance, and rejuvenates the skin gradually in the aftermath of injection.
The impacts of filler injection are listed below:

  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Improves skin firmness
  • Eliminates the epidermal layer (surface layer) dullness
  • Increases the firmness of the dermis layer (middle layer)
  • Facial lift-effect
  • Rejuvenation

What should we heed prior to injecting the filler?

Rejuvenation with filler injection after 21 heeds three essential factors much more than the recipient’s age. Namely,

  1. Identifying the face shape and form suitable for injection
  2. Deciding the area that demands correction
  3. Heeding the firmness and sagging state of the skin

How do fillers induce rejuvenation?

High-quality hyaluronic fillers rejuvenate the skin with two mechanisms, by filling in the sunken area and stimulating collagen production at the same time.

Which facial areas could sustain filler injection procedures?

Filler injection administered in certain parts of the face will render lift effect, volumize, and rejuvenate the recipient area.

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Filler injection in certain areas provides facial rejuvenation.

Facial areas that positively respond to filler injection procedures with rejuvenation impacts in the aftermath include:

  • The area surrounding the eyes
  • Cheeks and middle part of the face
  • Marionette line
  • Laughter line and the area surrounding the lips
  • Chin (jawline, and the area surrounding the chin)
  • Tear lines
  • Jaw and jawline
  • Temples

One of the valuable applications of high-quality hyaluronic fillers is eliminating the gauntness. A thorough in-person examination and further receiving an exclusive beauty program tailored for you will serve to determine the areas and the precise dose of filler needed for the procedure.

What is the difference between a hyaluronic filler injection and an eight-point lift procedure?

In multi-point lifts in different places, which we select during the thorough examination and examination of each face, the hyaluronic filler is injected and to some extent, it eliminates sagging and lifts. Note that this amount of sagging and lift removal is different from the amount obtained in lift surgery.

What is the difference between a hyaluronic filler injection and eight-point lift procedure?

In the multi-point lift method, the hyaluronic filler is injected into the multiple points selected during the thorough examination of each face, and the injection eliminates sagging to some extent and renders a lift-effect. Please note that the sagging elimination and the subsequent lift-effect are different from the impacts of lift surgery.

Is filler injection applicable to the frown line area?

Injecting filler into the frown line area is very risky, as the supratrochlear vein, one of the most critical vessels for blood supply to the forehead and eyeball, is located in this area. The filler’s unwanted entry into this vein and its subsequent closure may lead to complications such as extensive necrosis of the forehead tissue and even blindness. Unfortunately, if an inexperienced or inexperienced doctor administers the injection in this area, and the filler is inadequate, the likelihood of these complications increases.

Is it possible to undergo filler injection after the fat grafting procedure?

Dr. Leila Fard:
If you have undergone a fat grafting procedure injection, wait at least a year for the filler injection. This gap is needed for the fat to settle.

Does filler injection improve the appearance of freckles?

Not specifically, but hyaluronic fillers rejuvenate, eliminate the epidermis (the top layer of the skin) dullness, and improve skin quality, and the freckles appear less prominent in the aftermath.

Is the Ellanse filler reliable?

Dr. Leila Fard:
Ellanse filler holds the required licenses, but I prefer to dismiss employing this filler in my procedures for three major reasons, namely:

  1. This filler’s long shelf life (approximately 3-4 years) means that if you are displeased with the final form for any reason, there is no way back.

  2. The filler is non-hyaluronic and polycaprolactone. Consequently, hyaluronic acid solubilizer does not affect it whatsoever. If vascular damage and vessel closure occur, we have no emergency treatment options available.

  3. Due to the filler’s non-hyaluronic nature, there is a probability of nodule (solid subcutaneous lesions) formations that are utterly irreversible, and the substance has no solvent either.


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In sum, high-quality fillers:

  • Do not form lumps
  • Do not move
  • Do not cause allergies.
  • Do not cause non-absorbable hard lesions (nodules).
  • Stimulate collagen production within skin cells. In parallel, our need for fillers gradually decreases.

Is filler injection procedure associated with bruising?

Bruising may remain for roughly 7-10 days after the filler injection procedure. The period may sometimes extend or decrease depending on your metabolism.

With rhinoplasty procedure in the past, when is the right time to undergo a filler injection procedure?

If you have undergone rhinoplasty and have filler injection plans in mind, it is best to wait up to 12 months after rhinoplasty.

Is it ok to undergo laser and microneedling procedures after filler injection?

Microneedling and non-invasive laser (cool laser) can be administered one month after the filler injection procedure.

Dr. Leila Fard:
I always suggest administering the microneedling procedure in a controlled, scientific manner, with shallow to medium depth, and not too deep to limit complications such as blemishes.

How long do hyaluronic fillers last?

High-quality hyaluronic fillers’ shelf life is about 6 to 9 months and a maximum of one year. Please note that short-term durability and the need to renew are significant advantages, not drawbacks. Fillers with prolonged durability are highly dangerous and provoke side effects such as bulging, nodules (non-absorbable hard lesions), allergies, malformations, and so forth.

Dr. Leila Fard:
High-quality hyaluronic fillers last 6 to 9 months, but their rejuvenating and collagen-stimulant impacts last up to two years. If the filler is adequate, your need for a filler renewal will gradually decrease.

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