Filler injection to reshape the chin

How the chin looks have an indispensable impact on the overall shape of the face, especially the profile. If you suffer from a receding chin and you do not care for surgical procedures, continue reading to learn more about the non-surgical reshaping of the chin through getting gel injections done into the chin. In this article, Dr. Leila Fard will introduce you to how to improve the shape of the chin by injecting filler.

What is chin shape reconstruction, and how does it influence facial beauty?

Contouring the chin and improving its shape with injectable hyaluronic filler, a.k.a injecting gel to the chin procedure, plays a significant role in modifying the shape of the face. The angle between the nose blade and the jawline is one of the most prominent beauty features of the face, especially the profile. Therefore, if you notice a sunken appearance, sag, or receding in the chin, do not hesitate to improve the state.


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What causes a receding chin?

Receding chin and sunken appearance in the jawline area can befall for a variety of reasons. In general, this condition takes place more frequently among people who have lost a great deal of weight or miss tissue consistency as a result of aging. Accordingly, the potential causes of receding chin involve the following:

  • Drastic weight loss
  • Decreased tissue consistency as a result of aging

Can receding chin be handled with filler injections?

Rectifying the receding chin by employing filler or hyaluronic gel is very impactful in refining the shape and form of the face, especially the profile. The receding chin distorts the symmetry of the face, particularly in the profile. Sometimes this receding condition transpires hereditarily and is caused due to the small size of the mandible, and sometimes it is caused as a result of aging and loss of natural collagen and subcutaneous fat.


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Dr. Leila Fard:
In both cases, we can considerably improve this condition by injecting gel and filler in the chin area in a fastidious and premeditated manner (according to the beauty metrics). In severe congenital cases, the alternative option is jaw and dental implant surgeries.

The impact of chin reconstruction on jawline smoothness

The majority of people are displeased with how the sides of their faces have a sagging appearance in the jawline area. They assume the reason behind this condition to be the reduced consistency of the skin on both sides of the face. However, in a large percentage of these cases, it is necessary that we consolidate both the filler injection method in the sunken area and perform radiofrequency (fractional RF) in the dropped parts to better the condition of the face. However, in some cases, the filler injection in the sunken area of the chin sides resolves the issue alone.

How long does chin filler last?

The chin filler often lasts between 6 to 9 months.

Does chin filler injection hurt?

The pain while gel injection into the chin is approximately zero because we apply the EMLA anesthetic cream, and the high-quality fillers commonly contain lidocaine. Regarding bruising after injection in the chin area, you should note that no bruising occurs in this area.

In what cases do we inject Botox in the chin area?

We prescribe Botox injections for people whose chins produce small dimples while talking and laughing; this condition occurs due to the movement mechanism of the chin muscles, which causes the skin of the chin to contract and crumple. When Botox is injected, those muscles are relaxed, and consequently, this condition is revived.

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