Facelift with filler injection in 8 regions

Sagging and wrinkled faces disturb a large number of women. Botox Dysport injections, gel, and filler injections are some of the methods with which these wrinkles and sag are treated. If you urge a desirable result of filler injection, you should visit a doctor who has total knowledge and mastery of facial anatomy first. Bear with us in this article to get acquainted with the key regions of the face that are proper for filler injection, as stated by Dr. Leila Fard.

Non-surgical facelift with filler injection

Injecting hyaluronic filler in different regions of the face for those who fit this procedure begins a facelift and increases the firmness of the face with no surgical operation. Our face is made up of numerous arteries and nerves, and familiarity with these areas is imperative for proper injection. Only a qualified, proficient, and experienced physician who has complete mastery of facial anatomy can perform filler injections properly. We reduce the sagging and wrinkles of the face by the non-surgical technique of injecting a specific dosage of filler or hyaluronic gel in the defined areas. This technique is one of the most advanced and innovative non-surgical lift methods that was invented and presented for the first time by the excellent professor and pedagogical director of Juvederm Company, Dr. Mauricio DeMaio.


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Maintained and natural injection of filler and Botox demands three key factors:

  • Picking the right face as clients (not all people fit filler and Botox injections)
  • The precise and delicate technique operated by a competent physician
  • Utilizing high-quality substances

There are two points regarding filler injection

  1. Not everybody needs filler injections in all of the regions to rejuvenate and lift their face. The demands of your skin and face determine the number of spots.
  2. We can arrange the injections in several sessions. They do not have to take place in one session.
8 نقطه کلیدی تزریق فیلر
You can see the eight suitable spots for filler injection in this photo.

The eight key spots of the face that are proper for filler injection are:

  1. Temple
    The temporal region considerably influences the eyebrow lift and the shape of the eyes. When we lose weight or grow older, the temporal region hollows. Figuratively speaking, the face starts to resemble a peanut; indicating that from a forward angle of view, the upper part of the face is narrower. We treat this issue by injecting fitting and high-quality filler.
  2. Laugh lines
    As a result of aging, losing weight, stress, and insomnia, the region between the nose and the corner of the lips, called the laugh line, becomes hollow. Filling this region with filler will both lighten up our face and lift the corners of our lips. Stress, insomnia, aging, smoking, and genetic factors rigorously affect the laugh lines. We can fill the laugh lines with hyaluronic filler. However, you should note that it is an extremely sensitive spot for injection and must be handled very carefully so that the laughter does not alter.
  3. Tear troughs
    The tear trough is a very significant spot on our face. Not only does the hollowness of this region make both the cheeks and the area around the eyes sink and deform, but it also causes the laugh line to drop further down.
  4. Marionette line
    The line that runs down from the corners of the mouth is called a marionette or spite line. Injecting filler to the marionette area is one of the most challenging kinds of injections. The deeper the line becomes, the harder it gets to treat. Sometimes the marionette line starts to emerge in the 20s. Lifting and filling the marionette lines pulls the corners of the lips up and provides our faces with a freshened look.
  5. Cheek apex
    Cheeks are among the most significant elements of facial aesthetics. In addition to soft tissue, collagen, elastin, and adipose tissue resolve due to aging. Injecting filler to the area above your cheekbones not only improves the condition of the face and increases freshness but also lifts the laugh and marionette lines. The cheek apex serves as a holder for the laugh line, the tear trough, and around the eyes. Filling the cheek apex with filler lifts other regions of the face.
  6. Jaw and gonial angle
    In facial rejuvenation, reconstruction of sagging and weakened soft tissue of the jaw region is particularly significant and impactful. Not only does it lift the face, but also makes the chin less noticeable. Furthermore, the jaw gonial acts as a holder for the marionette when filled and augmented.
  7. Jawline or side of the chin
    As we age or lose weight, both sides of our chin deepen. As a result, we look exhausted and older than we are. Besides, the sides of our faces look sunken.
  8. Dark circles around the eyes
    Dark circles around and bags under the eyes are among the most frequent problems on our faces. The quality and molecular structure of the filler we inject to the spots around the eyes is of extreme importance. Eye improvement is usually performed with 1 or 2 ml filler in 2 back-to-back sessions at intervals of one month.

Dr. Leila Fard:
Injecting Botox in the corner of the eye is the primary treatment for crow’s feet wrinkles.

Filler injection has an immense impact on improving the dark circles, filling the hollowness, and eliminating wrinkles under the eyes. We also use Botox to remove crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes to release the strain on some of the muscles that are moving non-stop and put pressure on the skin.

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