Five Reasons You’re Hesitant about Beauty and Aesthetic Procedures

There must have been a situation where you’ve resisted undergoing esthetic procedures despite your frustration with skin issues. What triggers our hesitation of esthetic procedures and rejuvenation measures despite our heart and inner desire to stay young, and we relent to bearing wrinkles and other signs of aging? In this article, Dr. Leila Fard lists five reasons that cause our prejudice and hesitation directed towards cosmetic procedures.

دکتر لیلا فرد
Dr. Leila Fard, the creator of the exclusive beauty program

Dr. Leila Fard is a proficient specialist with more than 15 years of experience pertaining to skin, hair, and esthetics. During this time, she has provided esthetic services to roughly 2100 clients. A member of the American Society of Esthetic Medicine and the American Association of Laser Medicine and Surgery, as well as European and Iranian associations, Dr. Fard has a deft hand in cosmetic procedures and always employs the most up-to-date methods to meet the needs of her clients. In addition to her medical expertise, Dr. Fard is an outstanding artist with aesthetic talents who couples knowledge and art in her work quite aptly. A dedicated or exclusive beauty program is one of the most remarkable services she offers her clients. Each and every client undergoes particular esthetic procedures that are perfectly appropriate for their age, social status, and aesthetic taste according to their exclusive beauty program. Hence, you can assuredly refer to Dr. Fard’s beauty center for your esthetic procedures with confidence in the expertise and quality of her treatment methods, exclusively tailored for you.

1. Fear of one’s face appearing fake, abnormal, or done

A common reason that discourages many individuals from undergoing cosmetic procedures is the fear of one’s face appearing abnormal and fake upon the procedures. Inadequate quality of materials used in cosmetic procedures, lack of experience in estheticians, doctors, or even more so, individuals performing cosmetic procedures without expertise leaves adverse impressions on clients’ minds. Nonetheless, if one follows a well-devised beauty plan, their natural beauty will persevere. In fact, the individual will gain youthfulness and vigor appropriate to their age in a refined appearance by naturally administering these esthetic procedures, minus fakeness, and masked, abnormal appearance.

2. Abnormality of the face due to Botox or filler movement

Many of us assume that Botox paralyzes our face muscles because Botox is a toxic substance and renders a masked appearance on the forehead. We similarly assume the same notion about fillers and suppose that the filler may move or give us an abnormal appearance. Both of these ideas are utterly unrealistic and irrational when high-quality Botox and hyaluronic filler brands such as Botox Disport are used, and the gel and filler injections are administered in the appropriate amount.

3. Fear of injection pain

Fear of injection pain and recovery period are other common fears that cause hesitation in individuals intending to undergo cosmetic procedures. The injection pain is positively minor when local anesthesia creams and the right injection technique are employed. The majority of our clients who have had an injection with me remarked past-procedure that all the fear prior to the injection was utterly unfounded.
Bruising is another post-injection discomfort that can sometimes occur, which of course can be covered with foundation, concealers, and creams. Oral medication like Anahil (pineapple extract) further serves to shorten the bruising period.

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One of the biggest obstacles to getting a cosmetic procedure is fear. Fear is a natural reaction to the unknown. While some of my patients are not big fans of needles, a lot of my patients’ fear is based on misinformation and wrong assumptions. Some of my patients are also worried that they wouldn’t look very natural, but instead they’d look weird 👽or frozen. 🥶 چرا از اقدامات زيبايى ميترسيم؟ ترس از درد سوزن، ترس از غيرعادي شدن و ترس از بدتر شدن حالت چهره، بعد از از بين رفتن اثر بوتاكس و فيلر، بزرگترين نگرانيهاى ما، درباره اقدامات زيبايى، به شمار ميروند. در اين ويديو، راهكارهاى رفع اين نگرانيها را توضيح داده ام #drleilafard#زيبايى_طبيعى#aginggracefully

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4. Fear of worsening the face’s pre-procedure appearance once the impacts of gel and Botox fade

Many clients assume that the face will reveal a gaunter appearance than it did pre-procedure when the impacts of gel and Botox disappear. This notion is one hundred percent scientifically false and misleading. The scientific reality is that you shield your skin from the adverse impacts of aging for a while through cosmetic procedures. After the effects of these substances subdue, your skin does not appear gaunter but rather, more youthful and vigorous because the high-quality hyaluronic produce tissue and collagen. After all, we are all aging and require to retake consistent and sustaining actions to halt this process to a certain extent.

5. Deeming creams effective instead of Botox and filler treatments

Some clients assume that applying expensive creams that claim to lift the face and around the eye area can prevent the appearance of deep skin lines such as laughter and forehead lines. The scientific truth is that no cream or serum is a valid substitute for filler or Botox, and you

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